Safety With Aluminum Pool Fencing

One thing that most pool owners can agree on when it comes to safety is that a fence needs to be installed that meets safety standards.  Aluminum fencing is one of the easiest materials for the do it yourself homeowner to install without professional assistance.  Compared to other types of pool fencing, aluminum has several advantages which are included below.

Variety of Styles and Colors

When it comes to fencing for pools no other material has the design and color choices that aluminum fencing does.  Ornamental aluminum fencing is ideal to surround your pool and enhance your landscape.  It offers safety while enhancing the aesthetics.  Aluminum fencing offers several options including decorative scrolls and finial options.  Also the wide range of colors to choose from allows homeowners to compliment any exterior.

Ease of Installation

As fencing goes, aluminum is the easiest of materials to install.  For do it yourself homeowners who are looking to ensure they are meeting B.O.C.A. pool safety standards there is no simpler fencing material to install then aluminum.  Aluminum fence panels are easier to install then most other materials in fencing.

Suitable for a Variety of Landscapes

Another reason that aluminum fencing is ideal to install around a pool is because of its ability to adjust to the landscape.  Unlike other materials, aluminum fencing is rackable and compensates for slopes throughout the yard.  When your pool is not on level landscape, homeowners will not have any problem with installation using aluminum fencing.

Simplicity in Maintenance

Maintenance couldn’t be simpler in fencing than it is with aluminum fencing.  Aluminum does not rust, peel, rot, age or decay; it stays looking as new as the first day it was installed throughout its lifetime without any other maintenance then a yearly, gentle wash.

Overall Lifetime Cost

The lifetime cost of aluminum fencing is far less than many other options in fencing.  Aluminum fencing panels cost a bit more initially but without the maintenance requirements of wood, vinyl or wrought iron.  You will also save on installation costs. Aluminum fencing is simple enough to install for even the most novice weekend home improvement specialist.  Other materials seen in fencing require professional fence installation to hold up.

Strength and Durability

Another major benefit of aluminum pool fencing is how strong and durable it is over other fencing materials.  It can withstand weather and climates of all types. This allows aluminum fencing to last longer than any other pool fence type.

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