Monthly Archives: August 2010

Swimming pool safety comes first

A swimming pool can offer your family wonderful times of enjoyment and many happy memories. In an imperfect world, however, there are often dangers associated even with the good things in life. At iFenceUSA™ we are firmly committed to helping protect children from harm. Our Resort Collection™ swimming pool fences are designed with pool safety in mind. Safety standards are built in to our fences but we want you to think in terms of “layers of protection” when it comes to your precious little ones.  Visit our Pool Safety link to learn more about the BOCA pool safety requirements and get helpful tips on how to make pool areas safer for children.

Aluminum gates can be ordered in the exact size you need!

Many times customers call us while they are in the planning stages of a yard rehab. Often enough though, decorative brick or stone pillars have already been installed. So, in order for a new aluminum gate to fit snugly between existing pillars, a custom welded size is necessary. We can weld a gate in your desired width right down to a fraction of an inch. Any custom width between the minimum and maximum sizes we offer is possible. Prices are calculated in per-foot increments. For instance, a gate ordered wider than a standard size increment will be rounded up in price to the next size increment. This means you get a customized product, welded specifically for your unique requirements at competitive standardized pricing! When ordering, the width of a gate is always defined as the width of the opening for the gate, not the actual size of the Gate Frame. Our gates are constructed with the necessary space reductions to accommodate included hinge and latch hardware. Width of opening and any modifications to included hardware must be declared at time of a gate order. Incidentally, custom gate heights are also possible. Custom heights are most often ordered when gates are purchased independent of aluminum fence panels.