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Swimming safety for this year’s pool season

Schools are finishing up for the summer and kids are trading in their books and bags for swim suits and towels and heading to the pools. Summer time is full of fun memories to be made but it can also be very dangerous. A study done by Consumer Product Safety Commission shows there are 350 children under the age of 5 that drown in pools each year. Whether you and your family are out at a public pool or in the privacy of your own home, it is very important to be educated on pool safety. One of the largest safety requirements for your home’s pool is protection with a fence such as an aluminum pool fence along with an aluminum pool gate. At ifenceUSA, our aluminum pool fences are designed with pool safety in mind. For great tips and information on pool safety you can read the article “Safety key to fun time at the pool”.

Pool Safety: Securing Your Pool With An Aluminum Fence and Gate

As a homeowner with a backyard pool, safety must be of the utmost importance.  Pool safety may seem like common sense however there are many little things we overlook just because as adults we have good judgement.  Little ones and family pets however may be lacking insight into safe options around water verse activities that aren’t so safe.  Most little kids have zero fear, including in water, which makes security measures even more important than ever.  Kids see water and picture fun times, whereas parents we see the hidden dangers.  Added layers of protection are critical in preventing access from the pool area when supervision is not present.

Aluminum pool fencing is a key element in securing your pool.  All 18 styles of aluminum pool fences and gates from iFenceUSA come with self-closing, self-latching gate hardware.  This helps to prevent the pool gate accidentally being left open in the haste of wrapping up the days fun as well as preventing the gate from being opened without physically undoing the gate latch.  Pool gate latches are often difficult for little hands to maneuver which helps ensure that little ones are not accessing the pool without supervision.  Aluminum pool fencing for the perimeter of your pool is just one way to keep your family safe this summer for more tips on pool safety check out the latest installment at Leslie’s Pool Supplies

At iFenceUSA we believe that your backyard pool should be both safe and aesthetically pleasing.  Our 18 styles of metal pool fencing can be customized to one of 8 colors, with hundreds of different combinations of options to easily accessorize your pool area.

Keeping Up with Today’s Fencing Trends

When deciding on home renovations like paint colors, flooring, light fixtures and yes, even fencing, is all chosen with latest trends in mind. No matter if you live in the suburbs with closer homes to your neighbors or if you live in the wide open country choosing an aluminum fence and local fence contractors has many different options and styles that will sure fit all of your needs from swimming pool enclosures to driveway gates and even commercial property security.  Times sure have changes in the last 20 years with fencing in mind. A look at history will show that most people in the past had always chosen wooden fences due to the less expensive price tags but as time has continued, so has people’s desires.  Aluminum fencing has grown in popularity not only because the pricing is more comparable in today’s world but also the low maintenance and long lasting features. To read more on this article follow:

Avoid Swimming Pools Accidents with Preventative Safety Measures

Pool safety is a huge concern in both residential and commercial pool settings.  There is a saying when it comes to cranky kids, “just add water to see a dramatic improvement in attitude”.   As a main attraction for families throughout the summer months, measures must be in place to keep swimming pools safe for users of all ages. 

One of the most common safety measures for both residential and commercial pools is the addition of aluminum pool fencing and aluminum gates with self-closing, self-latching hardware. Creating a barrier between the water and your little ones preventing access to the water, when you are not around is just one of the many things you can do to prevent drowning. 

Prevention is the best start in creating a safe environment for your swimming pool.  Find out more about prevention and pool safety in this latest installment from The Avenue News.

DIY Aluminum Fence Installation: What Should I Look for When Purchasing an Aluminum Fencing?

Research is a key element in any purchase especially an online aluminum fence purchase.  There are several suppliers of fencing so it is careful to do research and search out a wholesale aluminum fence supplier that will ensure success in DIY fencing.  Purchasing a perimeter fence and/or a driveway gate is a large home improvement purchase that will be around for decades, it is important that it adds value, security, curb appeal, and is exactly what you desire. 

What Should I Look for In a Wholesale Aluminum Fence and a Fencing Wholesaler?

The most important aspect of online sales is customer service.  A superior product is nothing without the backing of professionals who will bridge the gap between your knowledge and a successful fence installation.  When researching a wholesale aluminum fence supplier, it is crucial for the success of your project that you can have a line of communication open with customer service experts throughout the planning, measuring, selecting, ordering, and installation process.  When first speaking with online customer service fence experts here are a few questions to consider:

  • Can you speak with one service rep from the start to finish of your project?
  • Are the customer service experts qualified? Do they have through knowledge of products and installation procedures?
  • Will they help with the design of your fence?
  • Do they offer both email and phone support?

It is important to work with a fence supplier that helps without hassle.  When issues arise with your product, installation, repairs, or warranty work it is crucial to have the backing of a solid customer service team.

Look for an aluminum fence manufacturer that has a solid reputation within the industry.  Again, research, research, research!  Determine the longevity of the company.  How long have they been in business?  Do they have a reputation for a high-quality product?  Do they have a solid reputation?  Are they know to be reliable? For example, iFenceUSA offers premium fencing that ships factory direct to clients both commercial and residential.  iFenceUSA customers can chose from 9 colors, 18 designs, 100’s of options, and so much more when designing a top of the line aluminum fence and gate for your home.

Although not the top priority in fencing affordability does come into play when choosing a fence.  Aluminum fencing increases in price when choosing higher quality grades.  A residential aluminum fence will cost less than an industrial grade fence just because it is manufactured with a higher quality aluminum.  When selecting a fence ensure you are comparing apples to apples.  Some suppliers will quote residential grade aluminum fence just to quote the least expensive option even when resort or commercial grade aluminum has been requested.  If your quote seems to be good to be true, it probably is.  Aluminum fence panel and gate quotes from iFenceUSA come with all the hardware you will need to install your fence.

Research is important in any online purchase but especially true in a large purchase like aluminum fencing.  When researching your new aluminum fence reach out to the customer service experts at iFenceUSA to see how we can make your fencing purchasing and installation painless from start to finish.

iFenceUSA is an online distributor of wholesale aluminum fences and gates for residential, resort, commercial, and industrial installation.  As an industry leader in maintenance-free aluminum fencing products we have all your aluminum fence and gate needs covered.  More information can be found online at

Considerations When Buying Aluminum Fencing Online

The convenience of shopping online has left many of us wondering why we ever subjected ourselves to the hassle found with going to the store. Getting what you want, when you want it, all at the click of a button has changed the way consumers shop.  Consumers can shop for almost anything online including fencing.  In fact, now-a-days purchasing a fence the old fashion way may even be harder than it is online.

Not only do you not have to leave the comfort of your own home, online fencing companies are offering additional services to ease the process from the initial planning to the final installation.  As with any online purchase it is important to understand the process involved with getting exactly what you want.

A Guide to Purchasing Aluminum Fencing Online

It is Important to Know What You Want

If you have not chosen a type of fencing your first step is to figure out what you want.  Many online fencing companies will send free fence samples to allow customers the chance to see and feel exactly what they are buying.  With fencing you get to sample different grades and colors, so you can feel the weight and see the color; this way you know exactly what you are getting and aren’t surprised when your order arrives.

A popular preference for homeowners is aluminum as previously mentioned.  Black aluminum fencing being the most sought-after material and color.  If you don’t have any idea of what you want it is a good idea to get samples of several different materials, colors, and grades from online fencing manufacturers.  The visual element of a sample can really help solidify your choice.

It is Important to Measure Your Yard

Another matter that is important when ordering a fence online is that homeowners order exactly what they need for their space, not more, not less.   When you are in the planning phase it is crucial to get an exact measurement of the yard perimeter where the fence will be installed.  This measurement, along with a detailed sketch can be sent to online fencing specialists to help them assess your need as well.  Double and triple checking measurements prior to placing your online fence order will save you time, money, and a whole lot of aggravation.

Once homeowners have an idea of how much fence is needed (total linear footage) they will divide that by the length of the aluminum fence panels, most common sizes being 6- and 8-foot sections.  Some homeowners will need to customize some of the fencing panels as adjustments are needed for landscaping but overall most of the fence panels either 6- or 8- feet.

It is Important to Know the Reputation of the Retailer and Fees Related to Delivery

More often than not people are hesitant make a purchase online because they are unfamiliar with the reputation of the seller.  When you are looking to make a purchase online it is important to check out the reputation of the seller specifically:

  • How many years has the company been in business online?
  • Read online reviews and look into customer feedback.
  • Review their shipping and delivery terms and fees.
  • Work with a retailer that offers a warranty


iFenceUSA is an online distributor of wholesale aluminum fences and gates for residential, resort, commercial, and industrial installation.  As an industry leader in maintenance-free aluminum fencing products we have all your aluminum fence and gate needs covered.  More information can be found online at

Commercial Aluminum Fences | 2 Grades with iNTEGRITY

The Premier Collection™ is the ideal grade for light commercial use (or even upgraded residential use) and the Ultimate Collection™ is best when only the strongest grade of aluminum fence will do. Any Integrity™ fence style can be ordered in either of these grades. Also, aluminum gates in these grades are super sturdy, making them an attractive option for wide driveway gates!
Click A Photo for Complete Product Details
The above photos are just examples.
All 18 gate styles are available in either of the above 2 Grades!
Every style features our exclusive iNTEGRITY™ Advantage, the industry benchmark for quality and service, which includes our superior rail design, durable welded gates, a maintenance-free powder coated finish, cost-effective customization for non-conforming conditions, and much more. Also, any style we offer can be ordered Extreme™ with tighter spacing between the vertical pickets, or with the SuperRail™ concealed fastener system (CFS).

Aluminum Hand Railing | The iNTEGRITY Encore! Collection

Integrity™ Encore!™ aluminum hand railing features our concealed fastener system (CFS) rails that hide all fasteners for a beautifully sleek look for your deck, balcony, patio or porch. The top and bottom horizontal rails are totally enclosed to provide incredible strength, meeting or exceeding most standardized building safety codes*. Innovative, stylish and durable, Encore!™ is available in heights of 36” and 42”, with four attractive grab rail options!


Integrity Encore!™ Hand Railing Panels

Encore!™ hand railing panels are a two-rail system engineered with SmartRail™ CFS to provide incredible strength. This concealed fastener system (CFS) hides all fasteners for a beautifully sleek look.

  • Encore!™ panels are available in heights of 36” or 42”
  • Standard panel widths are 4′, 5′, 6′, 7′ and 8′.
  • Four attractive top rail profile options
  • Standard 3/4” square pickets or Bravo!™ Balusters
  • All standard Integrity colors are available
  • Ask about custom designs!
Top Rail Profiles

Any of the four Encore!™ hand railing top rail design profiles can be purchased separately by-the-foot in one-foot increments up to 10′ long. This top rail is designed as a concealed fastener system (CFS), with the outer profile snapped together with an inverted Premier™ grade horizontal SmartRail™. Sold together as a unit here, either component can be quoted separately upon request. Available in any of our standard colors.

Bravo!™ Balusters

Standard Encore!™ hand railing panels are constructed using 3/4” square vertical pickets. These pickets can be upgraded to a 3/4” Bravo!™ Baluster for any Encore!™ panel style. The Bravo!™ Baluster system is available for both 36” and 42” high panels in all standard colors.

Encore!™ Lower Rail

The lower rail of any Integrity Encore!™ hand railing panel is actually Premier™ grade SmartRail™ Concealed Fastener System (CFS) and can be ordered separately by-the-foot. See SmartRail™ for details.

Panel Mounting Brackets

Integrity Encore!™ hand railing panels are installed by being attached to blank posts using mounting brackets. These rail mounting brackets are unique and not interchangeable with our fence rail mounting brackets. Based on your requirements, order any of the following types in any of our standard colors:

Encore!™ Top Rail Brackets with or without Tabs*

  • stationary top rail mounting bracket
  • horizontally adjustable top rail mounting bracket
  • vertically adjustable top rail mounting bracket

Encore!™ Lower Rail Brackets with or without Tabs*

  • stationary lower rail mounting bracket
  • horizontally adjustable lower rail mounting bracket
  • vertically adjustable lower rail mounting bracket

*When ordering mounting brackets for the top rail, you must indicate the top rail design profile. Also, when ordering any Encore!™ rail mounting bracket, you must specify ”with tabs” or ”without tabs”. Visit our Encore!™ link for more information.

Boss Screw Posts

The internal corners of these unique posts are designed to accept screws for the attachment of a Boss Screw Flange. Specifically designed for use with our Encore!™ Hand Railing Collection, Boss Screw Posts can be punched to accept the horizontal rail of all Premier™ grade fence panels but are most often ordered as blank posts and used in conjunction with mounting brackets. Available in 2 1/2″ square x .100” or 3” square x .125” in four standard lengths, 37”, 43”, 47”, and 53” in all standard colors. Standard caps are always included with every Integrity post.
Boss Screw Post Flanges

Hide the fasteners with these innovative flanges! Boss Screw Post Flanges are designed to be used only in conjunction with complementing Boss Screw Posts, which are engineered to accept screws for the attachment of this flange. Optional welding is available for a minimal upcharge. Available in all standard colors.

Decorative Aluminum Columns

Designed to wrap around existing posts, these decorative aluminum columns snap together to cover unsightly concrete or weathered wooden posts. Give your porch a face-lift with this attractive Encore™ innovation. Available in 6” or 8” square sizes in 8′, 10′ or 12′ lengths. Can be trimmed shorter when installing, available in all standard colors. Caps and skirts sold separately.
Decorative Aluminum Column Skirts

Dress up decorative aluminum columns with base skirts for a finished, professional look. Sold separately to fit either 6” or 8” column sizes. Available in all standard colors.

Decorative Aluminum Column Caps

Top off decorative aluminum columns with these attractive caps for a finished, professional look. Sold separately to fit either 6” or 8” column sizes. Available in all standard colors.

Grab Rail

Any of the four Encore!™ hand railing top rail design profiles can be purchased as a grab rail system, sold by-the-foot in one-foot increments up to 10′ long. Encore!™ Grab Rail is an independent rail – not a panel – and is intended for wall mounting using special wall mounting brackets (see below). All standard Integrity colors are available.

Grab Rail Wall Mount Bracket

Use this special wall mounting bracket exclusively for Encore!™ Grab Rail. Designed to securely attach to the bottom of the grab rail, adding grab rail to a wall adjacent to a set of steps becomes a breeze!

Gate Specs and Hardware

Walk gates for Encore!™ Hand Railing are available in any top rail profile in opening widths of 3′, 3 1/2′, or 4′. Arched feature not available. Gate hinges and latches sold separately. All standard Integrity colors are available.

Shipping Terms and Conditions

Orders placed on are generally shipped by truck freight (common carriers) directly to the buyers home or project site. The cost is based on the state to which an order is being shipped. (See the Freight Rate Table below). All information below is based on delivery to any in the 48 continental United States. For deliveries to Alaska, Hawaii or Canada, please ask for a special freight quotation.

Free Freight Requirements and Residential Delivery Fees

iFenceUSA™ will waive freight costs on orders exceeding $3,500 in fence material EXCEPT when shipped to some (not all) states west of the Mississippi River. In these western states, which are denoted in ORANGE in the Freight Rate Table below, iFenceUSA™ will waive freight costs on orders exceeding $5,000 in fence material and those denoted in RED iFenceUSA™ will waive freight costs on orders exceeding $7,000 in fence material Please note that deliveries to residential locations anywhere are always assessed a flat $50 delivery fee that is added to the freight amount on the buyers quote or order confirmation. This fee cannot be waived. In other words, for orders exceeding the minimum purchase requirements for free freight, the buyer would pay a maximum of $50 in freight if delivery is made to a residential location. All orders under the minimum purchase requirements would be assessed freight charges based on the rate table below PLUS $50 if delivery is made to a residential location.

Small Item Orders

iFenceUSA™ may ship small items via UPS, FedEx, etc. and will be assessed shipping and handling charges based on the rates of these delivery companies. These shipments are not considered freight. Therefore, items shipped in this manner will never be assessed the residential delivery surcharge which applies to truck (common carrier) freight.

Delivery Time

Ordered fencing material will usually ship, on average, about 3 weeks after payment is rendered. Some custom fabricated materials may take slightly longer depending upon the size of the order. Also, some shipping destinations may take longer due to being geographically more distant or if considered “remote” by the freight carrier, or other factors including but not limited to oversized product, special crating, or less often painted colors. Of course, we will do our best to get your order out as quickly as possible, but holidays and peak season rushes sometimes bring delays. While this is atypical and orders usually ship 3 weeks after payment (and occasionally a little longer), we do not make absolute guarantees to ship any order on any date or that your delivery will be on or before a certain date. It is strongly recommended that you do not schedule any installation dates until after you have received and inspected your aluminum fence shipment. If a delay occurs for any reason, IFenceUSA assumes no financial liability and it is expressly agreed by Buyer that any cost related to return visits by installation contractors, loss of income due to missed work, missed flights, etc. shall be the sole responsibility of Buyer.

What To Expect When Your Delivery Arrives

Most iFenceUSA™ orders delivered by a freight trucking company will arrive at the buyer’s curbside. Someone must be there to accept the order and to carry the boxes off of the truck. The trucking company is not responsible for unloading the merchandise cartons from the truck, or for relocating cartons (such as into a building or garage). The truck drivers are usually helpful, and, in many cases, they will assist you with unloading your order. However, they are not required to do so. This is an industry practice beyond iFenceUSA’s™ control. Typically, orders are shipped in multiple boxes on pallets wrapped in a protective plastic. This plastic may be removed and the boxes then unloaded from the pallet(s) individually.

Missed and/or Delayed Deliveries

The delivery company will generally notify you by phone to schedule a delivery date. iFenceUSA™ recommends using the most likely answered phone number for orders, such as a cell phone. Generally there is a designated window of time for the scheduled delivery. The buyer must be on-site during the entire window of time to receive delivery. iFenceUSA™ is not responsible for contacting the freight companies for rescheduling delivery or covering any additional expenses related to such process. All fees must be negotiated between Buyer and freight company and Buyer shall make payment directly to freight company for any such service. iFenceUSA shall not be the “middleman” in such instances. If a delay occurs for any reason, IFenceUSA assumes no financial liability and it is expressly agreed by Buyer that any cost related to return visits by installation contractors, loss of income due to missed work, missed flights, etc. shall be the sole responsibility of Buyer. Further, Buyer understands that all delivery companies used by iFenceUSA are independent and beyond the control of iFenceUSA. Buyer Agrees that iFenceUSA is authorized, at its sole discretion, to choose a delivery company for Buyer and that this arrangement does not alter any of the iFenceUSA shipping policy terms and conditions.

Delivery Acceptance Protocol / Damaged Material Liability

Freight carriers contracted to ship iFenceUSA™ materials are typically very careful but it is important to understand that damage may occur during shipping. It’s rare, but nevertheless possible. All damage is the responsibility of the trucking company and not the manufacturer or iFenceUSA™. At time of delivery, the buyer should inspect entire contents of all cartons for any potential damage that may have occurred during shipment. Inspection should take place right away, in full view of the driver. Just because a box looks damaged, does not mean that the items inside are damaged. Boxes must be opened up to confirm any damage in front of the truck driver. Be thorough, do not allow yourself to be rushed. If it is confirmed that there is actual damage to product, REFUSE delivery and contact iFenceUSA™ immediately for a replacement order.

If a complete and thorough inspection of the contents is not possible at delivery, the buyer must accept delivery with terms, place the note ”RECEIVED SUBJECT TO FURTHER INSPECTION FOR CONCEALED DAMAGE” on the delivery receipt. Without this, the buyer may not be able to file a proper concealed damage claim with the carrier. If the driver does not allow you to sign the delivery receipt in the manner detailed above, REFUSE delivery and call us. Deliveries that are signed free and clear of damages will be the buyer’s responsibility and not that of iFenceUSA™. No exceptions.

Shipping Errors

Any errors or material shortages need to be reported within 24 hours of your delivery. If the error was the fault of the manufacturer, Buyer will not be charged additional delivery fees. If the error was the Buyer’s fault, he will be responsible for cost of any additional products and appropriate delivery charges. All additional charges that are applicable will be quoted to the Buyer prior to shipment and shall be processed as a new order. In the event of a shipping error, iFenceUSA will ship replacement orders in the most economical way possible. On occasion, this may mean that material will be shipped unassembled and will require some assembly by Buyer. iFenceUSA will not “overnight” or expedite any shipment regardless of whose fault the error was. Due to weight of material, time it takes to manufacture, and other factors, there are no exceptions. If Buyer requires such expedited services and if these are possible (at sole discretion of iFenceUSA), Buyer shall be required to pay for the cost of these services.

Terms Regarding Local Codes and Ordinances

Products ordered from are not guaranteed to be code-compliant for any particular use, intended or unintended, so it is important to be aware of local codes. Buyer shall be solely liable for compliance and shall hold harmless from any lawsuits, fines, etc., arising from non-compliance. This is includes but is not limited to local government laws, zoning regulations, deed restrictions, neighborhood association guidelines, etc. There are no exceptions.

Additional Shipping Policy Notes

  • Shipping costs for special orders, cantilever gates, oversized or custom orders, and any shipment to Alaska or Hawaii or international destinations are not listed herein and will be quoted before purchase.
  • We do not ship to post office boxes.
  • Please contact us by phone, fax, or email if you have any unanswered shipping questions.

Freight Rate Table

All the freight rates shown in this table will be paid by iFenceUSA™ for orders exceeding $3,500 in fence material EXCEPT states that are denoted in ORANGE, which qualify for free shipping on orders exceeding $5,000 in fence material, and those states that are denoted in RED, which qualify for free shipping on orders exceeding $7,000 in fence material. Additionally, shipping costs for special orders, cantilever gates, oversized or custom orders, and any shipment to Alaska or Hawaii are not listed and will be quoted before purchase. All residential deliveries will carry the additional $50 residential delivery surcharge regardless of the total order amount or the destination state.


Alabama 280.00 Nebraska 292.00
Arizona 385.00 Nevada 412.00
Arkansas 288.00 New Hampshire 273.00
California 446.00 New Jersey 249.00
Colorado 346.00 New Mexico 405.00
Connecticut 264.00 New York 255.00
Delaware 249.00 North Carolina 268.00
Florida 425.00 North Dakota 302.00
Georgia 299.00 Ohio 201.00
Idaho 419.00 Oklahoma 316.00
Illinois 222.00 Oregon 495.00
Indiana 203.00 Pennsylvania 237.00
Iowa 234.00 Rhode Island 273.00
Kansas 261.00 South Carolina 296.00
Kentucky 216.00 South Dakota 308.00
Louisiana 343.00 Tennessee 275.00
Maine 292.00 Texas 346.00
Maryland 243.00 Utah 385.00
Massachusetts 304.00 Vermont 270.00
Michigan 170.00 Virginia 288.00
Minnesota 243.00 Washington 491.00
Mississippi 319.00 West Virginia 226.00
Missouri 240.00 Wisconsin 213.00
Montana 435.00 Wyoming 363.00

States denoted in RED and ORANGE have higher minimum purchase requirements to qualify for free freight.

Aluminum Fence Styles | The iFenceUSA Gallery

This is the™ line up of beautiful and affordable maintenance-free metal fences. Aluminum fence panels or aluminum gates can be ordered together or independently in any of these styles, all of which are available in residential, pool-safe, designer, or commercial grade. Now is the best time to accent your outdoor space and enhance your property’s value and curb appeal. Let’s Get Started!™