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Considerations In Pool Fencing

In our last installment on pool fencing we talked about a few considerations homeowners had when it comes to safety pool fencing.  One of the main points of interest in our last article was the popularity of using aluminum in pool fencing.  Aluminum is popular for many reasons such as its durability, strength and ease of maintenance.  Another point was if a permanent fence was needed or if a removable fencing would be a better option.  In most situations a permanent fence was a better choice to keep children and pets safe whereas a removable fence was better when the space around the pool was limited.

In this installment we will discuss more considerations in pool fencing such as the cost, design, fence color and installation.

1)      How much are you looking to spend on pool fencing?

Cost is a factor in all home improvement projects including exterior renovations such as installing a pool and fencing.  The budget of the swimming pool should include the cost of the fencing materials and installation.  The cost of the fence is factored by the material chosen, the height and total footage needed for the perimeter of the pool space.  Homeowners will also need to factor in the number of gates desired, the cost of each gate as well as the locking system that is desired.  Higher quality doesn’t always mean more expensive.  Look online for wholesale aluminum fencing dealers for the best quality fencing at the most reasonable expense.

2)      What design are you looking for with the addition of fencing to your pools landscape?

This is one consideration that homeowners should not take lightly when choosing a fence.  The aesthetics of the pool area are important.  The design of the fence will be what you look at for years to come.  Aluminum fencing comes in a variety of styles, designs and features.  It is one of the most customizable fencing materials that can be used around the perimeter of your fence.

3)      Are you looking for colored fencing?

Aluminum fencing comes in a variety of colors; black being the most common color installed around pool areas.  If you are looking to add some color and a bit of pizazz to the pool look into the optional colors that can be found with aluminum fence.  It is amazing how adding a bit of color to the landscape can completely change the look and feel of the pool area.

4)      Would you be installing the fence on your own or having a professional out to install it?

Aluminum fencing can easily be installed by homeowners looking for a simple do it yourself project.  After having the pool installed by professionals some homeowners want to do something themselves where as others want to leave it to the professionals.  If you are doing it yourself, rest assured that aluminum fencing comes with detailed instructions.  Many online aluminum fence manufacturers will also offer online or telephone support throughout the entire process starting with the design ending with installation.

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Enhance Your Pools Safety With Aluminum Fencing

In ground backyard pools are an ideal choice for families.  A well kept pool enhances the landscape of any home.  It offers the luxury of staying cool on hot summer days without the hassles involved in backing up and heading for the sandy beach for the day.  Pools create a vacation spot within your own backyard while providing access to the amenities of home.  It is a location that everyone in the family can make use of and creates a space to bond as a family unit.

It is well known that pools offer a family a number of benefits to families all while posing a huge safety risk if not properly secured.  The rules and regulations facing backyard pool owners are tightening up with the recent increase in accidentally drowning.  The last thing any homeowner wishes is an accident that results in the loss of life on their property.  Pool owners are regulated by local, state and federal laws detailing guidelines that must be followed to protect against accidental access to a pool area.  In a desire to protect their family and friends pool owners are investing in perimeter fencing and secure, locking gates.

A pool fence is in no way meant to be the only safety feature for your pool area. It does however add a layer of protection for children and pets when a lapse in adult supervision occurs.  It provides those few extra minutes that could mean the difference between life and death for a young child or pet.  Pool fencing is regulated and must meet the standards set forth by the B.O.C.A.  Perimeter pool fencing must not have foot holds or hand holds that children can use to help them lift over the fence.  It should also stand taller than four feet, with five feet being preferable.  The pool fence should also have a self latching, self locking gate mechanism.

There are a wide variety of materials in which pool fences are available.  Aluminum fencingis the most widely chosen fencing material as it is affordable, easy to maintain and install, is hassle free to order and retains its million dollar look for years without breaking the budget.  The dangers that an aluminum pool fence are safeguarding your family against are worth any amount of money.  The average cost of aluminum pool fencing is around twenty seven hundred dollars.

There is a lot that can be said for the convenience and peace of mind that aluminum pool fencing offers homeowners.  Access to adults is simple with a self latching, self locking gate mechanism while also offering the peace of mind that comes with knowing children are secured away from the water.  Children are quick and like to explore on their own.  It is important to know that in these crucial seconds a head may turn its undivided attention away that children and pets are safe and kept far away from the dangers of unsupervised pool usage.

Backyard pools are meant to be a safe haven for relaxing, having fun and enjoying one another’s company.  In order to keep it that way for years to come the addition of an aluminum pool safety fence is a priority.

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Factors When Purchasing Pool Safety Fencing

Summer is upon us and with that comes the season many children and parents alike wait all winter for, swimming pool season!  The time when the sun is shining, kids are outside away from technology and all out relaxation occurs.  With all the benefits pool ownership brings it is easy to forget about the dangers that come along with owning a pool.  It is crucial that homeowners take time to address safety concerns while the pool is being installed and keep up on maintain the safety of the pool and its surroundings throughout the season.

One important safety feature that is a must during the installation of your new pool is a perimeter fence.   Fencing is a feature that protects both homeowners and pool users.  Having a barrier between the pool and the rest of the backyard allows children and pets to freely use the space without being in danger of accessing the pool when not under direct adult supervision.  Selecting the ideal fencing for a backyard pool is a decision that should not be taken lightly.  Below are factors to consider when looking into fencing for your pool’s perimeter.

Considerations to Make When Purchasing Pool Fencing

1)      What material will you choose for your pool fence?

The fencing that you choose for the perimeter of your pool should be strong, durable and easy to maintain.  One of the most popular materials to use when it comes to pool fencing is aluminum.  Aluminum pool fencing is aesthetically pleasing while being durable, easy to maintain and a great protector against inquisitive kids and pets looking to gain access to the pool water.

Whatever material homeowners choose for their pool fencing the most important thing is that they don’t settle or compromise quality over cost or any other variable.  Quality fencing is of most importance to ensure the safety of children and pets.

2)      Should you choose fencing that is removable or one that is permanent?

For most homeowners this is an easy to answer question; the pool is permanent so the fencing should be permanent as well.  This is however not always the case.  Some in-ground pools are built in a small space.  If this is the case it may be that the fencing need to be removable to allow for more space around the area of the pool.  For most homeowners with pools a permanent aluminum pool fence is ideal.

Our next installment on pool fencing considerations we will look into the cost, design, color and installation.

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