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Aluminum fences vs. vinyl fences

When considering which material to use for your beautiful new maintenance-free fence, it usually comes down to aluminum vs. vinyl. Both materials are rust-free, to be sure. But that’s pretty much where the similarity ends. There are several factors to consider when trying to decide: primary purpose, aesthetics, durability (especially gate durability), design versatility, ease of installation (including field modification), and price point.

1. Primary purpose. Whether your fence is needed to secure a perimeter, contain a dog, or enclose a swimming pool, both aluminum fencing and vinyl can provide the solution. It used to be that vinyl manufacturers could boast that their product offered privacy. Now, aluminum privacy fences are available.  Even, so far.

2. Aesthetics. The beautiful array of colors (9 standard, not just 1 or 2) offered in aluminum fencing handily outpace the limitations of vinyl. Many of these colors blend well with the natural landscape to become a tasteful enhancement to any outdoor enjoyment space. In contrast, the color limitations of vinyl fences, when combined with their bulky feel, can quickly create a gaudy look. Perhaps the best attribute of Integrity™ aluminum fences though, is that your view is not obstructed by the fence. This means you can easily keep an eye on the pool area. Beyond your pool there may be a beautiful lake, a wooded area, or just wild flowers. Integrity™ aluminum fences let you continue to enjoy your surroundings with minimal obstruction. Vinyl? Well, what can be said of a big white plastic wall? Advantage, aluminum.

3. Durability. Vinyl is no match for the strong alloy used to make aluminum fence extrusions, not to mention the rigidity of our welded aluminum gates. In fact, better vinyl products are often structurally supported with hidden braces made of, well, aluminum! Cheaper vinyl products often become brittle and crack, which defeats the purpose of being installed as a maintenance-free solution. Enough said. Advantage, aluminum.

4. Design versatility. With 18 styles available in hundreds of combinations of cost-effective customized modifications, variations and adornments, Integrity™ Aluminum fences offer consumers style choices unheard of in the world of vinyl. Whether you want your fence to reflect a contemporary or classic look, the advantage goes to aluminum yet again.

5. Installation and field modification. Professionally installed or do-it-yourself, Integrity™ Aluminum fences really shine at installation time. Factory assembled panels ready to install out-of-the-box make installation a breeze in comparison to the often unassembled vinyl products.  Field cuts to alter panel widths are more easily accomplished with aluminum fences. Wall mounting brackets and floor flanges are more durable (try to imagine a vinyl floor flange!).  While easily built-in as a standard feature to most aluminum fences, racking or stepping for hills or retaining walls often becomes a tedious exercise when using vinyl products. Lastly, what is regarded as the hardest part of any installation, the digging of holes for the posts, is also easier when installing aluminum.  Unlike the monster 4” or even 5” posts required to support vinyl, most aluminum fences are structurally sound with 2” posts!  This means the diameter of the holes to be dug is smaller, the work is easier, and the amount of concrete needed is minimized. Advantage aluminum, in a big way.

6. Price point. It is too often believed that while aluminum fencing is beautiful, it is just too expensive.  In our experience, this is a myth.  When compared to better quality vinyl fences, most aluminum fencing is typically less expensive!

7. Conclusion. Aluminum fencing is better looking, more durable, has greater versatility and is easier to install – all of this at a better price point! This surely simplifies the decision-making process.  Aluminum wins, hands down!

8. Integrity™ Aluminum Fences. Now that it is clear that aluminum is the superior option, why stop short of getting the best aluminum fencing in the business? Visit us at and discover Fences Without Limits!