Monthly Archives: October 2010

Can we really stretch a fence panel?

Well of course we can’t literally stretch an aluminum fence panel but not so fast, the story doesn’t end here! This is Integrity™ Aluminum, home of the wider, residential grade 7′ panel option.  Have you ever had a run of fence measure out at 43′? How about 31′?  6′-wide panels just don’t get you there, do they? So what does a company that only has 6′-wide panels do for you? Sell you another panel, of course. And another line post.  All of this adds up to a poor yield, making your price per foot more than what you thought. Their “discount price” kind of hid some sneaky extra cost into the equation. Not only that, more work digging, more work trimming down panels and more work cleaning up all that scrap material. This will make you eat dinner just before bedtime every time! Ever run into a big tree root or unforeseen boulder right where you were going to put a post for your 6′-wide panel? It would be nice to get past that awful obstruction and get the job done! A few 7′-wide panels on a job sure would come in handy, wouldn’t they?  That’s why we offer them in addition to our 6′-wide standard!  Hold on though, we’re still not at the end of this story! At Integrity™ we also offer 4′-, and 5′-wide panels. Really now, when the gate is only going to be 5′ off the house, why pay for 6′ when a 5′-wide panel does the job? So in a way, we can both stretch and shrink panels!  At Integrity™, we believe this kind of versatility makes sense, because it saves you time and money.  Oh, did we mention that you don’t pay a surcharge for these alternate-width panels?  Same price per foot. Now here’s our happy ending: All of these sizes are made-to-order without delaying your delivery!  Wow! This really is Aluminum Fences Without Limits!™  Which is what makes us the best aluminum fence company in the biz!