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Why Should You Choose Aluminum for Your Fence Material Choice

When choosing to install a new fence for your home or business, a few important considerations need to take place. Each fencing material has its own pros and cons and it’s a matter of preference on which qualities will matter most to you. Factors such as cost, durability, maintenance, and versatility will all be part of a decision to be made. Looking at what style of fence is trending the most these days, you will find that aluminum fencing is at the top of that list. The reason that aluminum fencing has become so popular recent years is since the list of pros for this type of fence shows more advantages than disadvantages shown below.


One of the first questions that is asked most about aluminum fencing is if the materials are expensive. The answer to this question is that aluminum is much cheaper than other materials such as steel or wrought iron. Aluminum does cost more than wood fencing, but because of its low- maintenance qualities, it will be a money saver long term. This type of fence is one of the most corrosion-resistant metals that will never rust, crack, or peel. Many manufacturers will offer a lifetime warranty on their aluminum fence products because of their long-lasting durability that can withstand the outside elements unlike other comparisons like wood, steel, chain link, ect. If a person decide to replace aluminum for any reason during its life, the metal is 100 percent recyclable and can even be purchased as used in many cases.


Fencings main priority is typically the security aspect, but appearance can play a large part as well. Afterall, having curb appeal for your home with a fence that highlights or accents your entire property should matter. One main advantage of aluminum fencing is that the product is malleable which means it comes in many shapes, and decorative designs to match your home and preferences. Color choices can range from standard options like black, and white or various earth tones of brown/ beige in both matte or gloss finishes. It can also be painted after installation however the process to do so is much more complicated than painting a wood fence.

Minor Setbacks

With every choice that has to be made, there will always be disadvantages to weigh and with fencing, this is no different. Aluminum fencing may not be the best choice for everyone which is ok. One aspect to keep in mind, an aluminum fence is not the best option for privacy. Aluminum fencing will provide a low-maintenance barrier, but it does not hide what is on the other side very well. Secondly, aluminum is very light weight which can be a very good thing in terms of ease of installation even for a DIY project, but it may not be ideal for areas and regions that experience heavy storms. Compared to stronger fences like steel, it may be a better option for higher security areas as well.

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Dispelling Aluminum Fence and Gate Myths

There are a number of fencing materials available when searching for a fence for your backyard.  There is also a lot of information available to consumers online, much of which is useful however, as with any information gained online you want to make sure it is not based on internet myths.  You don’t want to make the wrong decision for your yard and landscape because you were swayed by information that is based on incorrect myths. 

Common Myths About Aluminum Fencing

Myth: Aluminum Is Lightweight and Weak

Truth: Aluminum is as Strong as Wrought Iron and as Lightweight as Other Fencing Materials

A widely spread misconception about aluminum fencing is that it is weaker than other types of fencing, including steel and wrought iron.  Consumers should not judge the strength of the fencing material based on the weight of the fence.  This is an inaccurate representation.  Aluminum is highly durable and also tends to be lighter in weight than wood, vinyl, and other fencing materials.  The lightweight nature of aluminum is a bonus, not a negative. 

Myth: Aluminum Fencing is Expensive

Truth: Aluminum Fencing is Affordable

Aluminum fencing is an affordable option.  Often consumers only take into consideration the initial purchase of the fence panels however, it is important to consider the upkeep costs of fencing as well.  The initial purchase of aluminum fence panels can be a little bit more expensive however there is absolutely no cost involved with maintenance unlike all other fence materials.  Wood fence requires yearly staining which can add considerably to the cost of the fence.

Myth: Aluminum Needs to Be Replaced Sooner Than Other Types of Fence

Truth: Aluminum Fence Last for Decades

Aluminum fencing is in fact one of the longest lasting fence materials available on the market today.  The powder coated finish on aluminum fence panels and gates is weather-resistant which ensures a long-lasting fence.  Wooden fences tend to require more maintenance than aluminum and do not hold up well in harsh weather conditions. 

Myth: Aluminum Fence Comes in Only Black and Is Plain

Truth: Aluminum Fencing Comes in a Variety of Colors and Ornamental Styles

There are a number of colors and decorative aluminum fence styles to choose from when working with a company like iFenceUSA.  Consumers tend to picture basic, black aluminum fencing when considering options for their home however, this is far from where aluminum fence options end. There are a number of options that can be added to aluminum as well.  It is in fact one of most customizable materials in fencing. 

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The Benefits of Commercial Aluminum Fencing

There are many ways to protect property and to keep it safe. The use of fences has been quite common for a very long time, but the materials used to create those fences have changed and aluminum fencing is now the most common type of fencing that is used by people all over the world. We are going to be talking about some of the main benefits of both commercial aluminum fencing and residential aluminum fences.

They will never get rusty

Unlike iron fences, the aluminum fencing is never going to get rusty and this is a huge advantage that helps you avoid the hassle. Aluminum takes thousands of years to weaken and disintegrate. That is a truly convincing feature that makes them superior to iron fences. The maintenance in general is a lot simpler and you won’t have waste time and money trying to keep the fences from getting rusty.

It’s much more affordable

Aluminum fences are extremely affordable when you compare them with iron fences. This is the main reason why they are such a popular purchase in modern times. Property owners all over the world are seeing the huge advantages that come with aluminum fencing and how great of an investment it is for their properties.

They look better

The styles and the smooth look of aluminum fencing is definitely the kind of thing that makes everything much easier. This is the reason why a large number of people have been using this kind of fencing method. Properties that use this kind of fencing are more attractive to buyers and the value is raised significantly too.


Wood fences have always been extremely weak and chain link fences are just as easy to cut. Aluminum fencing that includes the topped pickets is extremely hard to break and it will take someone much longer to do this. Keep in mind that safety needs to be your priority at all times.

Final thoughts

With so many advantages over the rest of the fences available, there is no way to deny that the aluminum fence simply offers much more than the rest, and this is the main reason why it has become such a popular choice. The best thing to do when you decide to fence your property is to look for a good contractor; one that can install your aluminum fencing fast, and with the highest quality standards.

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The True Value of Aluminum Fencing

Aluminum fences are made and constructed from a metal called aluminum which has recently gained a lot of popularity because of its incredible properties and low maintenance charges.

Aluminum fences are made in a wide range of sizes and shapes. They come in many different colors, which are applied using a powder coating. The coating is applied through an electrostatic process and cured under heat to form a strong smooth surface. The powder coating stick to to aluminum better than paint or other coatings. It has the ability to withstand harsh conditions including extreme heat and cold. Its weather resistant quality leads many manufacturers to offer very long warranties, from decades up to “lifetime” for some brands.

Aluminum fence materials are often in the form of rigid rails or posts, but flexible forms are also used. Aluminum fences are made in multiple grades ranging from light weight residential to heavy weight industrial.

A few years ago aluminum fences were not very well-known and popular in the residential world and they were thought to be expensive too but now they have become the choice of everyone. They have become the perfect investment of money as they will never wrought like iron and are not expensive like steel. They are a perfect choice for every home and for every office and guess what they are perfect for commercial uses too.

Aluminum fences will cost you more than other fences at first but in the long run they will save you a lot of money as they are easy to install, they need very low maintenance and the best thing about them is they are totally repellent to rust even if you keep them dipped in water. On the other hand a wood or vinyl or iron fence will require regular maintenance and upkeep.

Besides being decorative and cost effective Aluminum fences are incredibly strong too. They are designed to with stand strong winds, and thieves and burglars. Aluminum fences will never change the look and appearance of your property but these fences will ensure that you are always secure and protected when inside these fences. Aluminum fences are a good option if your budget is limited. It will work to keep burglars out or dissuade them from crossing the barrier into the property.

Aluminum fences are general purpose fences and they serve a lot of purposes. You can install them anywhere they can be used as security fences, pet fences, residential fences, and for commercial and industrial applications. It is best used for aesthetic purposes, such as residential garden, yard or pool fencing. Its opposition to corrosion makes it the ideal choice for seaside or waterside homes in particular. Aluminum fences are an ideal solution for every problem though decorative or security they are fit for every use and for every place. Aluminum fences are a perfect investment of money which lasts longer than the expected period of time saving the installer a lot of money.

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Ornamental Options In Aluminum Fencing

There are a variety of decorative styles of aluminum fencing.  On top of choosing the ornamental options you desire homeowners also get to choose the color of the fence, the size and height of the aluminum fence panels along with special features such as puppy pickets.  Aluminum fencing is like a buffet of fencing options.  Below you will find a guide on styles and options to look for when choosing wholesale aluminum fencing for your home or business.

Flat Top, Spear Top or Both

There are several options within flat top styles of aluminum fencing.  A traditional flat top rail fence is an incredibly classic option in aluminum fence.  The top of the fence is flat however the actual spaces between the pickets and horizontal rails within the fence are spread out to offer a unique look and feel between the styles.

The San Marino Classic is what homeowners would consider classic aluminum fencing.  It is a stunning aluminum fence option with a contemporary three-rail design.  This style of aluminum fencing is a top selling style and is seen as the perfect accent to landscapes and outdoor living spaces.

Spear top fencing options seem almost endless.  When looking at spear top options homeowners can choose from pressed point spear top options, historic Fleur de Lis finials and Excelsior finial peaks.  Aluminum fencing featuring spear tops is considered decorative aluminum fencing.  Not only can you choose the style of spear there are options to consider within the pickets themselves.  The spacing between the horizontal pickets and ornamental add-ons make spear top fencing look like a piece of art within your landscape.

Older more historic homes often choose the Charlemagne spear top fence.  This style offers old world charm and tradition to landscapes.  Accented with historic Fleur de Lis Finials, the Charlemagne is the ideal option for decorative aluminum fencing.

If you are look for an option that includes both the flat top and spear points look no further the New Orleans Classic.  This style of aluminum fence, as well as many others, can be customized with additional touches such as ornamental finials.  The look combines traditional with contemporary favorites.  The comfort of the flat top with the elegance of a spear top design is used to transform your landscape into a visual masterpiece.

Choosing a style of aluminum fence is not a simple task.  With endless options it can actually be a bit overwhelming.  Let the online fencing experts assist you throughout the entire process.  Working directly with online customer service specialists will ease the task.  Don’t be surprised when asked to send pictures of your home, landscape and fence layout in order to ensure a complete customer service experience when choosing awholesale aluminum fence for your home or business.

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Aluminum Fencing Is Superior To Other Fencing Materials

When choosing a fence for your yard there are many materials you can choose from.  Two popular options include: vinyl and aluminum.  As homeowners look into the pros and cons of both, they will be able to determine what the best material in fencing for their needs.

The first step homeowners should take is to determine what they want and need from the installation of a new fence. Create a list of priorities that can be used when scrolling through the pros and cons included in this article.  Homeowners need to choose the material that best fits the perimeter of the property based on the following characteristics: strength, price, maintenance, beauty and seclusion.
Strength: Aluminum fencing is superior in strength to that of vinyl. There are a variety of grades to choose from when purchasing wholesale aluminum fencing from residential grade and pool grade up to commercial and industrial grade. Depending on what the fence is going to be used for will decide for you what grade of aluminum fencing to purchase.

Price: When it comes to picking out fencing based on the price there isn’t a clear winner. Not only must homeowners consider the cost of the fence and the installation, they must also factor in the expense to maintain the fence. The difference overall between aluminum and vinyl is minimal and therefore is not really a major factor to consider overall.

Maintenance: Both materials, aluminum and vinyl, are pretty low key to maintain. Both fencing materials do not require yearly treatment, staining or painting. A yearly spray down with the garden hose to wash off any dirt build up is all you will need to keep both types of fencing looking as good as new.

Installation: Both vinyl and aluminum fence panels are simple to install. Aluminum wins when it comes to a yard with a slope or grade to it. Aluminum fencing offers an ease of rack ability that does not easily happen with vinyl. Both are easily installed in a weekend and fit together like a puzzle.

Beauty: The look of vinyl is completely different than that of aluminum. The styles they offer are on two ends of the spectrum. Depending on the exterior look and feel of your home and landscape will determine where you stand on choosing between vinyl and wholesale aluminum fencing. Both come in a variety of styles and colors to choose from ranging from modern to classic to everything in between.

Seclusion: When it comes to privacy fencing aluminum vinyl may be a better material to suit your needs. If you have a spying neighbor or a need to hide the neighbor’s unattractive landscape you will want a solid fence which you will find in vinyl. Aluminum has an eye catching appeal but if you are looking for backyard seclusion vinyl is a better choice.

Now it is time for you to be the judge. What material best suits what you are looking for out a fence. Both offer strong, resilient, stylish, affordable options in fencing that suit the many needs homeowners have when looking for pool or perimeter fencing.

iFenceUSA offers the widest variety of maintenance-free, no-rust aluminum fences and gates in the industry! Whether you are a pool contractor, a building contractor, an architect, a landscaping professional, or a “do-it-yourself” homeowner looking for exceptional value and installation advice, you’ll benefit by buying wholesale aluminum fences shipped factory-direct to your home or business anywhere in America from!

The view is better with aluminum fences!

The best attribute of Integrity™ aluminum fences is that your view is not obstructed by the fence. This means you can easily keep an eye on the pool area. Beyond your pool there may be a beautiful lake, a wooded area, or just wild flowers. Integrity™ aluminum fences let you continue to enjoy your surroundings with minimal obstruction, especially when ordered in bronze or black. When privacy is important, we recommend landscaping with natural foliage as a barrier on either side of your Integrity™ fence. Most local codes do not permit privacy fences taller than 6′, which means you’ll be boxed in while others from a distance may still be able to look in. Take a look at our extensive photo gallery and then ask yourself, ”How could a big tall plastic wall be this attractive?”

Aluminum fences vs. vinyl fences

When considering which material to use for your beautiful new maintenance-free fence, it usually comes down to aluminum vs. vinyl. Both materials are rust-free, to be sure. But that’s pretty much where the similarity ends. There are several factors to consider when trying to decide: primary purpose, aesthetics, durability (especially gate durability), design versatility, ease of installation (including field modification), and price point.

1. Primary purpose. Whether your fence is needed to secure a perimeter, contain a dog, or enclose a swimming pool, both aluminum fencing and vinyl can provide the solution. It used to be that vinyl manufacturers could boast that their product offered privacy. Now, aluminum privacy fences are available.  Even, so far.

2. Aesthetics. The beautiful array of colors (9 standard, not just 1 or 2) offered in aluminum fencing handily outpace the limitations of vinyl. Many of these colors blend well with the natural landscape to become a tasteful enhancement to any outdoor enjoyment space. In contrast, the color limitations of vinyl fences, when combined with their bulky feel, can quickly create a gaudy look. Perhaps the best attribute of Integrity™ aluminum fences though, is that your view is not obstructed by the fence. This means you can easily keep an eye on the pool area. Beyond your pool there may be a beautiful lake, a wooded area, or just wild flowers. Integrity™ aluminum fences let you continue to enjoy your surroundings with minimal obstruction. Vinyl? Well, what can be said of a big white plastic wall? Advantage, aluminum.

3. Durability. Vinyl is no match for the strong alloy used to make aluminum fence extrusions, not to mention the rigidity of our welded aluminum gates. In fact, better vinyl products are often structurally supported with hidden braces made of, well, aluminum! Cheaper vinyl products often become brittle and crack, which defeats the purpose of being installed as a maintenance-free solution. Enough said. Advantage, aluminum.

4. Design versatility. With 18 styles available in hundreds of combinations of cost-effective customized modifications, variations and adornments, Integrity™ Aluminum fences offer consumers style choices unheard of in the world of vinyl. Whether you want your fence to reflect a contemporary or classic look, the advantage goes to aluminum yet again.

5. Installation and field modification. Professionally installed or do-it-yourself, Integrity™ Aluminum fences really shine at installation time. Factory assembled panels ready to install out-of-the-box make installation a breeze in comparison to the often unassembled vinyl products.  Field cuts to alter panel widths are more easily accomplished with aluminum fences. Wall mounting brackets and floor flanges are more durable (try to imagine a vinyl floor flange!).  While easily built-in as a standard feature to most aluminum fences, racking or stepping for hills or retaining walls often becomes a tedious exercise when using vinyl products. Lastly, what is regarded as the hardest part of any installation, the digging of holes for the posts, is also easier when installing aluminum.  Unlike the monster 4” or even 5” posts required to support vinyl, most aluminum fences are structurally sound with 2” posts!  This means the diameter of the holes to be dug is smaller, the work is easier, and the amount of concrete needed is minimized. Advantage aluminum, in a big way.

6. Price point. It is too often believed that while aluminum fencing is beautiful, it is just too expensive.  In our experience, this is a myth.  When compared to better quality vinyl fences, most aluminum fencing is typically less expensive!

7. Conclusion. Aluminum fencing is better looking, more durable, has greater versatility and is easier to install – all of this at a better price point! This surely simplifies the decision-making process.  Aluminum wins, hands down!

8. Integrity™ Aluminum Fences. Now that it is clear that aluminum is the superior option, why stop short of getting the best aluminum fencing in the business? Visit us at and discover Fences Without Limits!