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Start Planning For Your New In-Ground Pool and Aluminum Fence

Spring is right around the corner and with this time of year comes an increase in in-ground swimming pool installations.  Having a pool installed in your backyard is quite exciting.  Memories will be made in your backyard oasis for many summers to come.  To ensure that these memories are all positive ones it is important to plan for certain safety measures to be in place; aluminum perimeter fencing enclosing the swimming pool area may just be one of the most important.  The fence should never be a last minute add on to the addition of an in-ground swimming pool.  Consider all safety measures as you begin to plan and budget for an in-ground swimming pool.

The placement of your new pool within the backyard space available is crucial.  A pool should be installed to enhance the ambiance of the backyard as a whole.  As you are considering where the pool should be installed it is important to also stake out the placement of the aluminum gate and fencing as well.  The great benefit when installing aluminum pool fencing is that it offers an unobstructed view of the pool area while meeting B.O.C.A. standards required in pool fencing.  This means that you can still enjoy the three hundred sixty degree views of your landscape while enjoying the pool and keeping an eye on the little occupants enjoying the water.

When the landscape surrounding an in-ground pool is hilly or even slightly inclined many homeowners worry that the fencing that is installed will have a gap that will allow young children and small animals to access the pool without proper supervision.  This is not a concern when ordering aluminum fencing.  Aluminum fencing can be ordered in sections of various sizes and offer rackable fencing panels.  This allows the fence to adjust to the slope of the land surrounding the pool instead of having to be stair stepped.  Another feature that can be added to aluminum fence used around pool is puppy pickets.  This feature adds additional pickets at the bottom of the aluminum fencing to prevent any possibility of maneuvering underneath the fencing.

With aluminum pool fencing a secure aluminum gate is a given.  Aluminum gates are self-closing and self latching both which are required.  The fence will need to be installed so that it opens out and away from the pool with an opening mechanism that is at least fifty four inches above the ground.  Not only are there regulations that must be met for the gate but also for the aluminum fencing itself.  The aluminum fence that is installed must be at least forty eight inches in height with a mid rail of at least forty five inches above the bottom rail while pickets should be spaces no further apart then four inches and the space between the bottom rail and ground has to be less than four inches.

When purchasing aluminum fencing from you can rest assured that your new aluminum fence will meet all of the regulations set forth by the B.O.C.A. and provide you with a strong, maintenance free, versatile fence system that is easily customized and guaranteed not to crack, chip or peel.

iFenceUSA offers the widest variety of maintenance-free, no-rust aluminum fences and gates in the industry! Whether you are a pool contractor, a building contractor, an architect, a landscaping professional, or a “do-it-yourself” homeowner looking for exceptional value and installation advice, you’ll benefit by buying wholesale aluminum fences shipped factory-direct to your home or business anywhere in America!

The Truth About The Cost Of Aluminum Fencing

The major concern homeowners have when looking into aluminum fencing is how much it will cost to purchase the materials and have the fence installed.  The truth is that many factors go into the overall cost of a new fence.  It is unreasonable to assume that your fence will cost you the same amount as your neighbor’s fence cost them.  So much goes into the overall cost of designing, ordering and installing a new aluminum fence: fence grades, decorative options, rackability, sizes and more all contribute to the overall expense.

For many DIY it is important to have a ballpark amount in mind before beginning any home improvement project.  The first step to be taken to start calculating the cost of your new aluminum fence is to measure your fence lines.   This will help you determine the number of fence panels and posts that will be needed.  Consider that most aluminum fence panels come in a six foot standard size; aluminum fence posts are almost always two inches square.  It is always better to have more fence than you need than not enough fencing.  You can cut down a fence but you cannot make it grow.

Another factor that is in play is the height of the fence.  Most wholesale aluminum fencesuppliers offer three different height options: forty eight inches, fifty four inches and sixty inches.  The taller the panel the more it will cost as it requires more material to be used.

The grade of fencing chosen is also a large factor in the overall cost.  Wholesale aluminum fence comes in four grades: residential, commercial, pool, industrial.  The thicker the fencing the more it will cost.  Residential aluminum fence is the most cost effective and perfect for most homeowner’s applications as perimeter fencing and decorative landscape options.  Pool grade fencing must meet certain standards set for by the B.O.C.A. and can cost more due to these regulations and standards.

Another factor that changes the overall cost of your aluminum fence is the style gate that is chosen.  Not only do gates come in three available heights, homeowners must also decide if they would like a single or double panel gate.  For most residential applications a single gate is all that is needed however if at any point will require a large truck to enter.

One of the last factors in determining the cost of your aluminum fence is the accessories desired.  Extras such as ornamental finials, specific colors, puppy pickets, rackability and more will all go into factoring the overall expense.  Of course the lower you are hoping to keep the overall cost of the fence the fewer options you will want to include when designing your fence.

With most online wholesale aluminum fence manufactures there is an option online to add and subtract extra accessories when designing your fence to create the aluminum fence of your dreams within your desired budget.

iFenceUSA offers a variety of maintenance-free, no-rust aluminum fences and gates in the industry! Whether you are a pool contractor, a building contractor, an architect, a landscaping professional, or a “do-it-yourself” homeowner looking for value and installation advice, you’ll benefit by buying aluminum fences shipped factory-direct from!

Common Myths About Aluminum Fencing Debunked

Overall when it comes to fencing for your home or business nothing beats the overall value that aluminum fencing offers.  It is the best value in fencing that money can buy.  As with any large investment that is made around your home there are misconceptions that arise on the journey to making a final decision.  In the article below we will address several commonly heard falsehoods surrounding aluminum fencing.

The first and most common error when discussing aluminum fencing is the strength of aluminum in comparison to steel.  It is true that aluminum is a lighter weight material than steel however this does not mean that steel is stronger than aluminum.  In fact when comparing the weight ratio between them aluminum is equivalent to the same density as steel.  The truth is that aluminum creates a highly durable, strong fence as does steel; the difference being the abundant advantages of aluminum over steel as a whole.

Maintaining aluminum fencing is perhaps one of the most beneficial advantages over other fencing materials.  Aluminum fence does not rust in fact it cannot rust due to the powder-coating used.  The truth is that aluminum may oxidize but never will it rust.  Oxidization of aluminum fencing can easily be prevented with a general cleaning once a year using a solution of mild soap and water.  That is correct aluminum does not require staining, painting, stripping or any of those other bi-yearly maintenance requirements of other fencing materials.

Many homeowners believe that because of their hilly landscape that aluminum will not properly rack.  This however is a misconception as well.  Even on the hilliest of landscapes aluminum panels can be installed.  New technology within the wholesale aluminum fencing industry allow for aluminum fence panels to be constructed in a variety of sizes as well as allowing the railing to follow the ground while keeping pickets vertical.

There is a myth that states there are a limited number of styles available in aluminum fencing.  This couldn’t be further from the truth.  Depending on the wholesale aluminum fence supplier the design options are endless.  Most online suppliers of aluminum fencing offer four different grades of fencing: residential, commercial, pool and industrial.   Not only are there a variety of grade but different styles, colors and extra features are endless.  Aluminum fencing is highly customizable making it the perfect addition to any style home from classic to country.  Aluminum gates can also be ordered specifically designed to complement the style of fencing that has been chosen.

If you are looking for a fence material that offers you the unique advantage of customization without maintenance that is highly durable you will get that out of aluminum fencing plus a whole lot more.

FenceUSA offers a variety of maintenance-free, no-rust aluminum fences and gates in the industry! Whether you are a pool contractor, a building contractor, an architect, a landscaping professional, or a “do-it-yourself” homeowner looking for value and installation advice, you’ll benefit by buying aluminum fences shipped factory-direct from!