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Higher Security for The White House Is Coming

Final approval was given in 2017 from the U.S Commissions of Fine Arts and National Capital Planning Commission to move forward with plans to build a “tougher, taller, and stronger” fence officials said. The newly improved metal fence will stand about 13 feet tall which is an increase of roughly 5 additional feet. The height change is being done to prevent intruders from scaling the fence in years prior. The history of the white house fence began in dates of the 1800s with a low stone wall during President Thomas Jefferson term in office. Throughout the years a wooden style was then upgraded and then followed by a wrought iron fence in the early 1900s with a standard height of roughly 6 feet tall. This standard height has remained for most of the last century but certain historical events such as 9/11 terrorist attacks have urged the government to make changes for security purposes. To read more about this new upcoming fence at the white house read this article.

Wood or Aluminum: Which is Right for Me?

After spending months (sometimes years) of stressful time and planning, you and your loved one step outside on the deck and marvel at your new large yard behind your newly bought home. You gaze upon the neighborhood and watch the neighbors’ kids playing with pets, swinging on swing sets, and jumping in a pool. You see all this and realize you don’t have a fence surrounding your own pool, and that needs to change. But how do you decide which kind of fence is best?

Choosing a fence to surround your home’s yard may seem like an easy choice (and it can be) but there are certain factors to consider before putting the extra money down on your yard. Some questions to ask yourself are whether you’re putting a fence down for privacy or practicality, or whether you mind people seeing into your property or not. Do you want something you can paint to a color of your liking or a classier approach? Do you have a puppy that you don’t want escaping? The options are vast but straight-forward.

Weighing the Options

Fencing material is an important part of the deciding factor. Wood fencing has been around for ages but as time goes on more and more people prefer the streamlined and more modern look of an ornate aluminum fence. Naturally wood fences can provide more privacy, while aluminum fences can be sturdier and last much longer. If you have a pool a subtle aluminum pool fence can match the visual quality of your pool area and bring both elements to a heightened atmosphere.  Both have their advantages and disadvantages to consider before making the big purchase.

Choosing Cost

Price is a big deciding factor when buying a fence, and the price of labor is often a forgotten element of the equation. Since wood fencing can often involve being built from scratch, the cost of labor is much higher than aluminum fencing, which generally comes pre-built and segmented. While the cost of aluminum material is generally cheaper than wood, not all woods types are more expensive. The overall size of your yard and thus size of the fence should be considered, as the amount of material and labor can add up unexpectedly.


If you expect to remain in your new home for decades or longer it’s worth considering how much you want to spend on fencing maintenance in the future. Wood is a natural material that can be weathered by the elements much quicker than aluminum fencing and must be repaired or outright replaced over time. If you wish to have a fence for privacy but live in an area known for active tornadoes or harsh weather you should consider such events damaging the wood over time, especially with its predictability. Aluminum fencing can brave almost any weather and is considered much sturdier and more resistant to mold and outside forces.

Fencing your yard may seem like a stressful endeavor at first but the reality of the situation is much simpler. You have questions to ask yourself and understand your intentions with a fence, but the options are there. You’ll be looking at this fence for years, so make it something you like looking at.

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Is Your Fence Keeping Your Neighbors Happy?

50’s Americana sprouted plenty of visual clichés that have lasted through the decades, but few as stable as the white picket fence. It has always been a symbol of the suburban lifestyle; a life of peace, quiet, and friendly neighbors. While city life grows larger and larger, covering more and more land, suburban families may, in 2019, need reminding of proper fencing etiquette when deciding to put up that first fence in their new yard of their new house. After all, The fence is a barrier between you and the world outside of your own home. The fence remains a big part of what your neighbors see when looking at your house, and that neighbor on the other side can sometimes be just as important as what is kept within its walls.

In the TC Times article, the author explains what makes good “fence etiquette” and what you can do to make sure those around your home are content so silly issues don’t arise later on. The author focuses on making sure you answer the right questions to yourself before even breaking ground, such as why you want a fence in the first place, and what kind of fence you even want in your yard. Making sure your neighbor is happy with your fence may seem unnecessary, but the author explains reasons why it may benefit you both as well as ways to go about doing so. Lastly, the author explains some pros and cons of different kinds of wood fencing to help any family choose the fence that’s right for them. Who would have thought putting up a fence could be so important to a house!