Is Your Fence Keeping Your Neighbors Happy?

50’s Americana sprouted plenty of visual clichés that have lasted through the decades, but few as stable as the white picket fence. It has always been a symbol of the suburban lifestyle; a life of peace, quiet, and friendly neighbors. While city life grows larger and larger, covering more and more land, suburban families may, in 2019, need reminding of proper fencing etiquette when deciding to put up that first fence in their new yard of their new house. After all, The fence is a barrier between you and the world outside of your own home. The fence remains a big part of what your neighbors see when looking at your house, and that neighbor on the other side can sometimes be just as important as what is kept within its walls.

In the TC Times article, the author explains what makes good “fence etiquette” and what you can do to make sure those around your home are content so silly issues don’t arise later on. The author focuses on making sure you answer the right questions to yourself before even breaking ground, such as why you want a fence in the first place, and what kind of fence you even want in your yard. Making sure your neighbor is happy with your fence may seem unnecessary, but the author explains reasons why it may benefit you both as well as ways to go about doing so. Lastly, the author explains some pros and cons of different kinds of wood fencing to help any family choose the fence that’s right for them. Who would have thought putting up a fence could be so important to a house!