Higher Security for The White House Is Coming

Final approval was given in 2017 from the U.S Commissions of Fine Arts and National Capital Planning Commission to move forward with plans to build a “tougher, taller, and stronger” fence officials said. The newly improved metal fence will stand about 13 feet tall which is an increase of roughly 5 additional feet. The height change is being done to prevent intruders from scaling the fence in years prior. The history of the white house fence began in dates of the 1800s with a low stone wall during President Thomas Jefferson term in office. Throughout the years a wooden style was then upgraded and then followed by a wrought iron fence in the early 1900s with a standard height of roughly 6 feet tall. This standard height has remained for most of the last century but certain historical events such as 9/11 terrorist attacks have urged the government to make changes for security purposes. To read more about this new upcoming fence at the white house read this article.