Tips To Help Make An Informed Decision When Purchasing Fencing

It is important to make informed decisions when purchasing a fence that meets your family’s needs as well as your lifestyle and landscape.  As a homeowner there are numerous decisions that need to be made when choosing a fence for your home.

It is crucial to define the purpose the new fence is being installed to serve.  Are you looking to contain a pet, to detour thieves or to simply add privacy?  Look into the cost of maintenance and upkeep, HOA restrictions and difficulty of installation next.  With the cost of a fence being between two thousand and eight thousand dollars on average you will want to be positive that you are going to be happy with your end decision.

Homeowners should choose a fence that is best for their landscape.  There are a number of motivations for installing a fence including the most common: keeping children and pets contained, increased privacy, enclosing an in-ground pool and added visual appeal.  The goal is to prioritize what you need out of a fence.  This will narrow down different fencing materials that you can choose.

Next determine how much time and money you want to spend each year on maintaining your fence.  A wooden style fence will require the most upkeep.  Wood fences need to be stained or painted on a regular basis in order to keep the fence in good condition both in function and visual appeal.  Aluminum fencing on the other hand requires very little additional maintenance to keep it looking as good as the day it was first installed.

Another huge consideration in fencing comes with the rules involving your home owners association.  You may want a certain style fencing that just doesn’t fit within the regulations set in place by your HOA.  For obvious reasons it would be silly to continue with the installation of a fencing material that is not allowed by the governing body of your neighborhood community.  You will want to double check materials options and fencing heights that are allowed before placing an order for fencing.

The final factor in helping to determine what type of fencing material is best for your project is the installation factor.  Are you planning on installing the fence on your own or hiring a contractor to install the fence.  Aluminum fencing is one of the simplest materials for do it yourself homeowners to install with the best results.  Most aluminum fence manufacturers have detailed, step by step directions to follow that allow homeowners to correctly install their fencing within a weekend.  Just be sure as with all home improvement projects that you pull the proper permits with your local planning and zoning officials.

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