Backyard Safety With Aluminum Fencing

The goal for homeowners is to create a backyard environment that is safe, fun and easy to maintain; a space where the entire family can enjoy.  Designing a space that is kid friendly, pet safe and relaxing for adults is not as complicated as it may sound.   Your backyard landscape design can include a patio, swimming pool and special landscape features that are both family and pet friendly.  With a bit of planning any backyard can be a safe, enjoyable, low-maintenance outdoor oasis for your entire family to enjoy.

Safety is a big concern with all homeowners.  In this article we will focus on the safety aspect of your backyard.  The fun and maintenance aspect are important but only after safety has been considered.

It is important that your home feels safe and that precautions are taken to ensure your family, friends and pets are safeguarded against any eminent dangers.  For instance, if your backyard landscape includes an in-ground pool it is plausible that without proper safety measures in place an accident is more likely to occur.

To limit access to the pool area while children and pets are in the yard alone it is important to install an aluminum fence with self latching gate around the perimeter of the pool and sitting area.  Be sure to only purchase aluminum fence panels that meet the guidelines set forth by the B.O.C.A. as well as any local government or HOA regulations.  A self latching gate is pertinent as it ensures the fence shuts tight and is not left open for children or pets to access the area without adult supervision.

Another safety measure to include in your landscape design is perimeter fencing.  In order to keep the backyard aesthetically pleasing it is important to choose an aluminum fence design that coordinates and compliments your home and landscape.   Aluminum fencing not only keeps unwanted visitors out of your space it also keeps the wanted ones in and safe from elements outside of your backyard environment.  It is not possible to keep track of children and pets each and every second of the day.  A perimeter fence keeps them safe if they should happen to wander out into the backyard without you.

Accidents occur from slipping, tripping and falling as much outdoors as they do indoors.  To prevent such mishaps from happening install non-skid, non-slip surfaces on patio areas, walkways and pool decks that are likely to get wet and where children are likely to play.  You won’t be able to eliminate all slip and fall accidents but non-skid, non-slip materials such as pavers will lessen occurrences.

Avoid all toxic and harmful plants when choosing the vegetation for your landscape.  Azaleas are beautiful but deadly to cats and dogs.  Other plants that cause issues with your pet’s liver and or heart include beauties such as lily of the valley, rhododendron, foxglove and more.  It is crucial in keeping your pets safe that you research the vegetation before it is installed within your landscape design.

Grass is a traditional material to use in landscaping.  However it requires a great deal of maintenance and is not the safest choice in ground cover.  A safer option then natural grass is artificial turf.  A synthetic lawn is even with uniform surfaces helping to prevent accidents that occur in uneven natural grass lawns.  It is less likely to trip, fall or twist and ankle when running and playing on a flat surface.  Artificial turf does not require harmful fertilizers or pesticides either making it a terrific alternative to natural grass.

As a homeowner it is your responsibility to keep your home free of hazards and safety concerns both inside and out.  Follow the tips above to help keep your family, friends and pets safe while exploring the great outdoors.

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