Four Tips To Consider When Choosing A Fence For Your Home

  • Define the purpose for the fence: Why are you looking into fencing in the first place?  Are you looking to add privacy, visual appeal, perimeter fencing to keep young children and pets in or to provide a barrier from your pool.

Fencing comes in a variety of materials: wood, aluminum, wrought iron, chain link, vinyl and many more.  Given the right material and correct installation a fence can be a key piece of landscaping that increases your homes property value.  Let the answer to the question above be the guide to the material you choose.  Prioritize your needs for a fence over your wants.

Aluminum fencing tends to work well for a variety of situations and is incredibly pleasing to the eye.  The decorative touches, such as finials and butterfly scrolls, in aluminum fence offer an elegance not found in other types of fencing.  It is often the required choice by homeowners associations.

  • Consider the maintenance required to maintain the fence: Ask yourself how much time and money you are willing to spend to maintain your fence.

Wooden fences require regular maintenance.  Fencing needs to be power washed every couple of years and either painted or stained.  Aluminum and vinyl require very little maintenance which tends to be an appealing option to many homeowners.  To clean vinyl or aluminum fencing all that is required is a gentle water rinse, wiping down any areas that are stained or covered in algae.  

  • Research local city and neighborhood fencing regulations: What rules are in place?  Does your homeowners association require a certain height or type of material with the installation of a fence?  What are the local city ordinances; this is especially important when it comes to fencing around your swimming pool.

If there are rules in place that specify the use of a certain material in your fencing you don’t have much choice.  Many HOA’s require aluminum fencing as it is elegant and withstands a variety of severe weather conditions.  HOA’s stipulate specific rules for homeowners in certain neighborhoods to maintain the subdivisions visual appeal.

  • Hire a professional fence contractor to install your fence: Research professional fencing contractors that install fences in your area.

Many fences can be installed by do it yourself homeowners however if often shows in the end product.  A contractor that specializes in the installation of fencing is your best bet for a quality end result.  It is too expensive to buy materials for your new fence only to ruin the aesthetics of it with poor installation.

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