Made-to-order aluminum fences save time and money

It’s easy to find aluminum fences in fixed sizes but if your project site has some challenging conditions, you ”the customer” have to compromise. iFenceUSA™ offers you the option to customize your aluminum fence order to fit your needs – without busting the budget! We call it No-problem™ customization. If you have a grade slope, no problem. If you need a specific-height panel, fine. Do you have an unusual gate opening? Done, right down to the fraction.  In reality, this flexibility costs less, not more, because you get and pay only for what you need. We build for the customer just the way it’s ordered, when it’s ordered!  This more efficient use of materials saves money at the front end and time at the back end (since you will be making fewer modifications during the actual installation of your aluminum fence). And the added bonus is that iFenceUSA™ made-to-order aluminum Residential and Pool Fences are shipped just as quick as our competitors’ warehoused products! No Kidding!