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Security In Pool Ownership With Aluminum Fence Installation

Safety is of the utmost importance when it comes to owning a swimming pool.  If you have a pool and it doesn’t have a fence it is crucial that one is installed sooner rather than later.  Not only is a fence around a pool required by law, there are a number of other factors that make a metal fence advantageous to install around your pool.

Government Regulations

Local and federal government regulations regarding pool safety including the installation of fencing.  There are guidelines in place that state in-ground and above-ground swimming pools must be protected by the installation of a barrier that separates the pool from the yard.  The barrier must be installed in a manner that makes it unable to be accessed by climbing over it and the barrier must be taller than forty-eight inches.  Most often homeowners choose to install fencing as the barrier between the pool and the landscape.  Aluminum pool fencing offers protection for you, your family, and others.

Prevent Unsupervised Access

Installing aluminum pool fencing prevents unauthorized entrance to the pool area without supervision. A fence keeps neighbors and outsiders from accessing the pool without your permission.  Another benefit to adding a swimming pool fence to your yard is that it prevents a potential accident from occurring.  Without an aluminum fence in place accidental drowning is more likely as there is free access to children and pets playing in the yard without direct supervision.  Which occurs simply from turning your back to grab some more lemonade for the kids or to grab a bowl of water for the dog.  We take our eyes off kids and pets sometime unintentionally; a metal pool fence offers additional security in events such as these.

Additional Safety

A fence installed around the swimming pool is one of the best decisions that homeowners can make.  Aluminum fencing ensures that children do not go swimming without supervision while providing a sense or assurance.  Fences prevent intruders, animals, and neighborhood children from entering areas that they are not allowed to enter.  It is also important to install a gate that is over forty-eight inches tall with self-closing and self-latching hardware to ensure that the fence closes on its own.


As a pool owner it is crucial to take the utmost care to limit access to the area.  Aluminum pool fencing is just the first step in a process of ensuring the area is safe.  The installation of a metal pool fence is fast, easy, and affordable; it also limits the liability of pool ownership.


The installation of ornamental aluminum fence can emphasize the beauty of the pool and landscape.  Some homeowners worry about a fence drawing attention away from the pool however this is the farthest thing from the truth.  In fact, a decorative aluminum fence adds style, class, and elegance in addition to offer safety, privacy, and security.

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Choosing Aluminum Over Other Types Of Fencing Materials

Are you interested in installing an aluminum fence in your yard or around your in-ground swimming pool? Before you design, order or install your new fence it is important to understand the benefits and advantages to the material you are selecting. The goal when installing a new fence is to choose a material and style of fencing that works well with the look of your home. It is also important that the fence meets your expectation in regards to ease of installation and maintenance as well. When looking into different materials for your fence you will see that aluminum fencing is the only way to go.

The benefits derived from aluminum fencing over other materials are abundant. Below you will find the top five reasons consumers give when selecting aluminum fencing for their swimming pools or the perimeter of their landscape.

Visual Appeal: Aluminum is the most aesthetically pleasing material that can be chosen for fencing. It is that may have available in a number of styles and color combinations; one is sure to accentuate your home and landscape perfectly. The appeal of aluminum extends to an increase in property value for your home as well.

Maintenance Level: One of the most beloved characteristics of aluminum fence is the care level at which it takes to maintain the fence. Aluminum is basically maintenance free. It does not require painting, staining or yearly power washing. In order to allow aluminum to look as beautiful as the day it was installed spray it yearly with a garden hose and be sure to remove any algae or moss. An aluminum fence is the most sturdy and durable type of fencing available. It will stand the test of time wearing better than any other fencing material on the market today.

Safe and Secure: Aluminum fence panels can be purchased in a variety of heights. This will ensure that your homes perimeter will not only keep your kids and pets safe within; it also ensures that others stay out. This is true for aluminum pool fencing that is installed around an in-ground swimming pool. The fence height can be ordered to meet B.O.C.A. regulations. This will help to keep little ones out of the area while not in the presence of an adult.

Colors, Style and Sizes: Variety is something that aluminum fencing is never short on. There are several styles, colors and ornamental decorations to choose from when looking into a fence for your yard. Aluminum fence panels are truly customizable to your particular need. No other fence material has as many variations as aluminum does.

Ease of Installation: Aluminum fence is one material that can be installed on your own and look as if it was done by professional fence installers. The process of installing an aluminum fence is fairly simple. Following the step by step instructions and using online support, installing your new perimeter fence can be simply done within a weekend.

When you look into other fence materials you will see how aluminum outweighs the competition in every way. Aluminum fence offers a large variety of choices is visually beautiful, maintenance free, secure and can be installed easily; what more could you ask for?

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Winter Planning For Your Aluminum Fence Project

Winter is the perfect time to plan for your aluminum fencing project. Winter preparations ensure that your aluminum fence panels, posts and hardware are available to be shipped when you are ready for installation in the Spring.

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