Advantages of Black Aluminum Fencing

Black aluminum fence is the most popular general purpose fencing and it can be used for security fences, pet fences, residential fencing and commercial or industrial applications. It was created to have the look of wrought iron fence without the maintenance and painting requirements.

Black aluminum fencing comes in seven different heights ranging from 3 feet to 6 feet. And also it comes in 19 different styles. Black aluminum fencing combines the strength and beauty of wrought iron fences with the rust-free properties of aluminum. They can withstand years of moisture, wind, salt and chlorine without rusting or needing repainting. They are constructed from an exclusive high-strength aluminum alloy called HS-35.

Fence, gates and railing are available in a variety of materials such as steel, PVC and wood. The recent trends show an increased use of aluminum on residential and commercial products due to proven advantages.

So what are the benefits of black aluminum fencing:

  1. Strength:

The foremost advantage is strength. It goes without saying that black aluminum fencing is very strong as it combines the power and strength of wrought iron so it truly is strong to stand any thief, and winds. Ideally 6063 T5 alloy is used to provide black aluminum fencing its strength and the ideal sections of fence are made and engineered to with stand 150 MPH winds and they are also made to stand against 1,000 lbs. of weight per section. So they can be used anywhere from large buildings to small and cute homes and they will always add to the strength of that place. Isn’t that great?

  1. Can bear a lot of Weight:

When it comes to weight aluminum is very light to carry and handle. Aluminum is only 1/3 the weight of steel and as it is light weight it saves you a lot of money too as it involves less labor and obviously the simple process of installing. What’s surprising about black aluminum fencing is that although it is very light in weight and easier to work with but it stands still and is very strong it is like unbreakable. So if you are using it for security purposes it will serve its purpose best.

  1. High Performance:

When it comes to adding beauty to any place what everyone prefers is steel because generally steel is thought to be the pretty metal but not anymore. Black aluminum fencing adds the same beauty, charm, elegance and sophistication to homes, offices or any commercial areas as steel. But steel fencing is not as strong as black aluminum fencing which gets all its strength from wrought iron.

Another advantage of using black aluminum fencing is that although it has iron strength but is totally rust free. Steel or iron on the other hand attract corrosion at a very faster rate. They are guaranteed to rust and also has a very high maintenance cost. Whereas aluminum is very easy to handle and maintain and the ideal coating process of black aluminum fencing is perfectly suited for any environment.

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