Crucial Steps Involved In Aluminum Fence Installation

In our last installment on aluminum fencing we began to discuss crucial steps to take before plunging into the installation process.  We previously discussed why it is important, even ordering a new fence, to find out regulations placed on fencing by your local government and HOA.  This will prevent you from ordering a material, height or color fencing that doesn’t meet the regulations set forth.  Verifying underground utilities and choosing the correct grade of fence for your installation are both other suggestions that were made to ensure success.

Here are a few more pieces of advice and tips to ensure success when installing aluminum fencing.

Map Out The Perimeter Of The Fence

Before you start digging any holes map out the perimeter of the fence.  This will allow you a visual map of the perimeter of the fence.  Take time to stake off where the holes for the fence posts need to be even better prepared come time for the actual installation.  This process helps prevent odd fencing configurations.  It allows you to account for the big tree or huge rock that is in the way of the fencing before you find yourself having to make last minute changes to account for them.

Mark Off Pole Locations

As previously mentioned, it can save a ton of time if you stake off the location of the fence posts prior to installing your aluminum fence.  During this process, before digging any holes, you can measure the space between the poles a number of times to ensure accuracy.  There isn’t room for error when measuring out the location of aluminum fencing posts simply because the posts come pre-punched and the fence panels come in specific, pre-assembled sizes.

Begin Installation With The Gate Posts

When installing an aluminum fence it is important to begin the installation with the gate posts.  The gate posts are pre-drilled as are the fence posts and the rails are meant to fit sung.  The margin for error in this process is small.  It is crucial to measure and then re-measure to guarantee accuracy.  Remember that the gate posts must also be dug further down into the ground then regular fence posts.

When installing an aluminum fence, patience is needed.  Don’t try to cut corners or rush through the installation process.  If you use concrete when setting the posts it is crucial that it has time to thoroughly dry.  This will help prevent any give the fence may have as it settles.  Too much give will impact the performance of the fence.  The installation of your aluminum fence is sure to be successful if you follow the advice above.

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