How to buy a metal gate in the right size

When planning to install a metal (or any) gate over a concrete walkway, keep in mind that the gate needs to be wide enough so that you are able to install the gate posts on each side of the concrete, therefore, we recommend leaving yourself a little extra space. For instance, if you are going to want a 48-inch wide gate, an ideal limit for the width of your walkway is 45 inches. Pavers can be more forgiving, but it’s still better to plan for success .

With pools, the fence is often ordered in advance of the installation of the concrete, so you’ll want to go over this point with the concrete installers. Don’t assume anything! Talking about these details with your concrete professional will ensure the success of your project!

If the concrete has already been poured and the walkway is wider than the the gates typically available from metal fence suppliers, relax! A metal gate can be very cost effectively welded in the specific size you need!

One more thing, when hugging the concrete with your pool fence, there is a key point to remember. Where the walkway meets the pool deck it is common for the concrete’s corner transition to curve rather than abruptly turn 90 degrees. This means that your 45-inch wide walkway is going to flare out just where you intend to put your gate posts and your gate is rendered too narrow.  This type of mistake will probably delay the completion of the installation and likely cost you more money! Don’t let this happen to you!  This issue is resolved in one of two ways: by narrowing the walkway or, by buying a wider gate. Advise your contractor of your decision! Of course, at times, attaching posts to concrete by use of welded flanges is another possibility but this, too, needs to be planned out.

Our FAQ link addresses these circumstances and the best way to plan for success! If you have unanswered questions, SmartTools™ are excellent and easy-to-understand resources. Or, you may prefer to call us and ask us directly. We welcome that approach and are here to serve you!