Shipping Terms and Conditions

Orders placed on are generally shipped by truck freight (common carriers) directly to the buyers home or project site. The cost is based on the state to which an order is being shipped. (See the Freight Rate Table below). All information below is based on delivery to any in the 48 continental United States. For deliveries to Alaska, Hawaii or Canada, please ask for a special freight quotation.

Free Freight Requirements and Residential Delivery Fees

iFenceUSA™ will waive freight costs on orders exceeding $3,500 in fence material EXCEPT when shipped to some (not all) states west of the Mississippi River. In these western states, which are denoted in ORANGE in the Freight Rate Table below, iFenceUSA™ will waive freight costs on orders exceeding $5,000 in fence material and those denoted in RED iFenceUSA™ will waive freight costs on orders exceeding $7,000 in fence material Please note that deliveries to residential locations anywhere are always assessed a flat $50 delivery fee that is added to the freight amount on the buyers quote or order confirmation. This fee cannot be waived. In other words, for orders exceeding the minimum purchase requirements for free freight, the buyer would pay a maximum of $50 in freight if delivery is made to a residential location. All orders under the minimum purchase requirements would be assessed freight charges based on the rate table below PLUS $50 if delivery is made to a residential location.

Small Item Orders

iFenceUSA™ may ship small items via UPS, FedEx, etc. and will be assessed shipping and handling charges based on the rates of these delivery companies. These shipments are not considered freight. Therefore, items shipped in this manner will never be assessed the residential delivery surcharge which applies to truck (common carrier) freight.

Delivery Time

Ordered fencing material will usually ship, on average, about 3 weeks after payment is rendered. Some custom fabricated materials may take slightly longer depending upon the size of the order. Also, some shipping destinations may take longer due to being geographically more distant or if considered “remote” by the freight carrier, or other factors including but not limited to oversized product, special crating, or less often painted colors. Of course, we will do our best to get your order out as quickly as possible, but holidays and peak season rushes sometimes bring delays. While this is atypical and orders usually ship 3 weeks after payment (and occasionally a little longer), we do not make absolute guarantees to ship any order on any date or that your delivery will be on or before a certain date. It is strongly recommended that you do not schedule any installation dates until after you have received and inspected your aluminum fence shipment. If a delay occurs for any reason, IFenceUSA assumes no financial liability and it is expressly agreed by Buyer that any cost related to return visits by installation contractors, loss of income due to missed work, missed flights, etc. shall be the sole responsibility of Buyer.

What To Expect When Your Delivery Arrives

Most iFenceUSA™ orders delivered by a freight trucking company will arrive at the buyer’s curbside. Someone must be there to accept the order and to carry the boxes off of the truck. The trucking company is not responsible for unloading the merchandise cartons from the truck, or for relocating cartons (such as into a building or garage). The truck drivers are usually helpful, and, in many cases, they will assist you with unloading your order. However, they are not required to do so. This is an industry practice beyond iFenceUSA’s™ control. Typically, orders are shipped in multiple boxes on pallets wrapped in a protective plastic. This plastic may be removed and the boxes then unloaded from the pallet(s) individually.

Missed and/or Delayed Deliveries

The delivery company will generally notify you by phone to schedule a delivery date. iFenceUSA™ recommends using the most likely answered phone number for orders, such as a cell phone. Generally there is a designated window of time for the scheduled delivery. The buyer must be on-site during the entire window of time to receive delivery. iFenceUSA™ is not responsible for contacting the freight companies for rescheduling delivery or covering any additional expenses related to such process. All fees must be negotiated between Buyer and freight company and Buyer shall make payment directly to freight company for any such service. iFenceUSA shall not be the “middleman” in such instances. If a delay occurs for any reason, IFenceUSA assumes no financial liability and it is expressly agreed by Buyer that any cost related to return visits by installation contractors, loss of income due to missed work, missed flights, etc. shall be the sole responsibility of Buyer. Further, Buyer understands that all delivery companies used by iFenceUSA are independent and beyond the control of iFenceUSA. Buyer Agrees that iFenceUSA is authorized, at its sole discretion, to choose a delivery company for Buyer and that this arrangement does not alter any of the iFenceUSA shipping policy terms and conditions.

Delivery Acceptance Protocol / Damaged Material Liability

Freight carriers contracted to ship iFenceUSA™ materials are typically very careful but it is important to understand that damage may occur during shipping. It’s rare, but nevertheless possible. All damage is the responsibility of the trucking company and not the manufacturer or iFenceUSA™. At time of delivery, the buyer should inspect entire contents of all cartons for any potential damage that may have occurred during shipment. Inspection should take place right away, in full view of the driver. Just because a box looks damaged, does not mean that the items inside are damaged. Boxes must be opened up to confirm any damage in front of the truck driver. Be thorough, do not allow yourself to be rushed. If it is confirmed that there is actual damage to product, REFUSE delivery and contact iFenceUSA™ immediately for a replacement order.

If a complete and thorough inspection of the contents is not possible at delivery, the buyer must accept delivery with terms, place the note ”RECEIVED SUBJECT TO FURTHER INSPECTION FOR CONCEALED DAMAGE” on the delivery receipt. Without this, the buyer may not be able to file a proper concealed damage claim with the carrier. If the driver does not allow you to sign the delivery receipt in the manner detailed above, REFUSE delivery and call us. Deliveries that are signed free and clear of damages will be the buyer’s responsibility and not that of iFenceUSA™. No exceptions.

Shipping Errors

Any errors or material shortages need to be reported within 24 hours of your delivery. If the error was the fault of the manufacturer, Buyer will not be charged additional delivery fees. If the error was the Buyer’s fault, he will be responsible for cost of any additional products and appropriate delivery charges. All additional charges that are applicable will be quoted to the Buyer prior to shipment and shall be processed as a new order. In the event of a shipping error, iFenceUSA will ship replacement orders in the most economical way possible. On occasion, this may mean that material will be shipped unassembled and will require some assembly by Buyer. iFenceUSA will not “overnight” or expedite any shipment regardless of whose fault the error was. Due to weight of material, time it takes to manufacture, and other factors, there are no exceptions. If Buyer requires such expedited services and if these are possible (at sole discretion of iFenceUSA), Buyer shall be required to pay for the cost of these services.

Terms Regarding Local Codes and Ordinances

Products ordered from are not guaranteed to be code-compliant for any particular use, intended or unintended, so it is important to be aware of local codes. Buyer shall be solely liable for compliance and shall hold harmless from any lawsuits, fines, etc., arising from non-compliance. This is includes but is not limited to local government laws, zoning regulations, deed restrictions, neighborhood association guidelines, etc. There are no exceptions.

Additional Shipping Policy Notes

  • Shipping costs for special orders, cantilever gates, oversized or custom orders, and any shipment to Alaska or Hawaii or international destinations are not listed herein and will be quoted before purchase.
  • We do not ship to post office boxes.
  • Please contact us by phone, fax, or email if you have any unanswered shipping questions.

Freight Rate Table

All the freight rates shown in this table will be paid by iFenceUSA™ for orders exceeding $3,500 in fence material EXCEPT states that are denoted in ORANGE, which qualify for free shipping on orders exceeding $5,000 in fence material, and those states that are denoted in RED, which qualify for free shipping on orders exceeding $7,000 in fence material. Additionally, shipping costs for special orders, cantilever gates, oversized or custom orders, and any shipment to Alaska or Hawaii are not listed and will be quoted before purchase. All residential deliveries will carry the additional $50 residential delivery surcharge regardless of the total order amount or the destination state.


Alabama 280.00 Nebraska 292.00
Arizona 385.00 Nevada 412.00
Arkansas 288.00 New Hampshire 273.00
California 446.00 New Jersey 249.00
Colorado 346.00 New Mexico 405.00
Connecticut 264.00 New York 255.00
Delaware 249.00 North Carolina 268.00
Florida 425.00 North Dakota 302.00
Georgia 299.00 Ohio 201.00
Idaho 419.00 Oklahoma 316.00
Illinois 222.00 Oregon 495.00
Indiana 203.00 Pennsylvania 237.00
Iowa 234.00 Rhode Island 273.00
Kansas 261.00 South Carolina 296.00
Kentucky 216.00 South Dakota 308.00
Louisiana 343.00 Tennessee 275.00
Maine 292.00 Texas 346.00
Maryland 243.00 Utah 385.00
Massachusetts 304.00 Vermont 270.00
Michigan 170.00 Virginia 288.00
Minnesota 243.00 Washington 491.00
Mississippi 319.00 West Virginia 226.00
Missouri 240.00 Wisconsin 213.00
Montana 435.00 Wyoming 363.00

States denoted in RED and ORANGE have higher minimum purchase requirements to qualify for free freight.

Aluminum Fence Styles | The iFenceUSA Gallery

This is the™ line up of beautiful and affordable maintenance-free metal fences. Aluminum fence panels or aluminum gates can be ordered together or independently in any of these styles, all of which are available in residential, pool-safe, designer, or commercial grade. Now is the best time to accent your outdoor space and enhance your property’s value and curb appeal. Let’s Get Started!™

Exploring Options In Aluminum Fencing

If you have never had the experience of installing a residential aluminum fence, then you are missing out on the most popular if not the fastest growing of all fencing types in modern architecture. Not only is this fencing material weather resistant and preserves its beauty even when exposed to extremely low or high temperatures, it also comes in a beautiful selection of colors, textures, and standard finishes.

Qualities Of Aluminum

One of the best-known properties of aluminum is its durability, low maintenance, lightweight, high strength, superior pliability, easy machining, zero toxicity, and excellent corrosion resistance making it the best fencing option for residential, commercial, and industrial applications.

As you explore your options when customizing your high-quality residential aluminum fence, it is important to know that in addition to the variety of styles, some simple, others ornate, aluminum fencing also comes in different grades that vary in weight. Some specifically designed for residential-grade fencing adequate for most homes and others that require heftier products for heavy-duty applications.

The Use Of Powder Coating

A specialized powder coating technology to keep a residential aluminum fence looking fresh and new as the day it was it installed means that you will never need to repaint it. This durable and maintenance-free innovation also seals and protects the metal against corrosion and rust because once the powder is applied onto the metal, it is treated under heat to meld it and form a coating that is more robust than regular paint.

A residential aluminum fence can be prefabricated to fit even the hilliest of landscapes and designs. Aluminum fences are also available in standard colors such as white, beige, brown, black, and green that come with either a glossy, lustrous, textured and beautiful metallic finishes that will compliment architectural style home and its overall surroundings.

While installing a residential aluminum fence is mostly easy, it is important to follow the installation instructions as to avoid various mishaps such as accidentally cutting any underground cables or telephone lines while digging holes for the posts or miscalculating the spacing needed for the end posts.

Hiring a Professional

It can be cost-effective to have your residential aluminum fence installed by professional because, in addition to having all the installation gear and aluminum fencing products handy, a professional installer will keep in mind various pertinent matters. They include the local zoning laws, the layout of your landscape, the posts, rails, or pickets to be used and much more before they begin digging.

Aluminum fencing has a lot of benefits and in addition to being one of the most versatile fencing materials that can be custom-made to fit most spatial needs.  When compared to steel and wrought iron, residential aluminum fences are surprisingly affordable and readily available. Because of their durability, having an aluminum fence is a long-term investment in your property that will not only be aesthetically pleasing, but will also serve a vital utilitarian purpose in regards to safety, especially securing swimming pools as well as in keeping children and pets safely contained.

Learn more about iFence USA and their vast line of custom aluminum fencing options with various grades of aluminum fence to choose from including: Commercial Grade Aluminum Fencing, Residential Grade Aluminum Fencing, Pool Grade Aluminum Fencing, and Industrial Aluminum Fencing at  To contact one of our aluminum fence experts call toll free 800.762.2907 or via email at

Creative Ways to Incorporate Aluminum Fencing Into Your Landscape

Fencing serves four main purposes around your home: dividing up your property from other homeowners, protecting your space from trespassers, giving people privacy from the public, and providing an aesthetic element to your landscaping. Aluminum fencing is one of the easiest ways to serve all four of these purposes at once, as well as provide lasting durability and ease of installation.

Why Choose Aluminum Fences

Since residential aluminum fencing is made primarily from aluminum, it can also resist corrosion and weathering. Often many people will choose residential aluminum fences as they’re available in a wide range of styles. It’s often a lot more affordable than other traditional fencing choices such as steel or wrought iron.

Residential aluminum fences are available in a wide range of colors, shapes, and styles. When you’re choosing fencing you may wish to consider creative ways to incorporate aluminum fencing into your landscape.

Residential Fencing Examples


  1. Aluminum fencing to surround a pool. Most backyard pools must be enclosed by a fence due to city bylaws, but it can be expensive to use traditional materials. Residential aluminum fencing is the perfect solution. They come in a variety of styles and colors with automatic latching gates to protect your pool and family.


  1. Aluminum fencing to divide properties. A long row of aluminum fencing with decorative points on the top is perfect for separating your property line from the neighbors’ homes on both sides.


  1. Residential aluminum fence with a gate to the backyard. You can keep intruders out, but still have access to your backyard through a fence that has a gate in matching color.


  1. Install a garden in front of the fencing. This is suitable for areas around the house that don’t require path access. A variety of bushes or flowers can be selected. It’s best to choose shorter plant types that remain below the line of the top of the fence.


  1. Residential aluminum fences that follow a path. A small path of stones or concrete can follow the fence around the house. This path can lead to a gate at the front, back, or sides of the property. It gives people a chance to keep their feet clean as they traverse around the property, and an aesthetic touch that makes the garden look attractive.


  1. To frame a garden. Residential aluminum fencing can be used to create a square or rectangular space in the garden where you can safely plant your fruit or vegetable garden. The fence serves the purpose of keeping wildlife and intruders out so that your garden remains untouched until you’re ready to cultivate it.

Versatility and Affordable

Residential aluminum fencing is one of the best choices for your residence. It can be used for a variety of different purposes, and is more affordable than solid wood or steel. And aluminum is a much better option for when you’re on a tight budget, but really wish to have that fence around the perimeter of your home. Installation is quick and easy. With the addition of a brand new residential aluminum fence your house will quickly become a home.

Learn more about iFence USA and their vast line of custom aluminum fencing options with various grades of aluminum fence to choose from including: Commercial Grade Aluminum Fencing, Residential Grade Aluminum Fencing, Pool Grade Aluminum Fencing, and Industrial Aluminum Fencing at  To contact one of our aluminum fence experts call toll free 800.762.2907 or via email at


Key Benefits Found with Aluminum Fencing

Aluminum fencing not only adds value to your home it also enhances the aesthetics of the homes exterior, enhances security, and offers containment for small children and pets.  Selecting a material of fencing with all the options at your disposal can prove to be a challenge.  The decision can be quite overwhelming in fact.  It doesn’t have to be anymore though.  As you will see below there are numerous reasons why aluminum is the only clear choice for homeowners looking to install fencing.

Long Life

Residential aluminum fences have become a popular choice for homeowners because of their durability. They are strong, and aren’t easily affected by corrosion and therefore are rust resistant.  Another added quality of residential aluminum fences is that the color of the fencing does not fade. Sunlight, chlorine, and moisture do not pose much harm to aluminum fencing and it can easily survive in a variety of extreme weather conditions such as rain, hail, snow etc.

Value for Money

Residential aluminum fences offer a complete value for money because of their sturdy build. Another factor that sets them apart from rest of the options available is their reasonable cost. You can easily get a residential aluminum fencing without burning a hole in your pocket. On the other hand, materials such as iron and steel for fencing can prove to be costly. To put it simply, it is a one-time investment that will serve you for a longer period of time.


If you are opting for aluminum for fencing of your home, then one thing you will not have to worry about its maintenance. Unlike other materials such as wood, vinyl, and chain-link that require regular maintenance, there is no such issue with aluminum. As discussed above, it can last for a longer period of time without losing its shine and mettle. Thus, you are not required so spend money on its regular maintenance. This feature alone makes it a viable option for your home fencing.


Another benefit that comes with the selection of aluminum fencing is that it can be customized as per your liking. It can be easily adjusted just the way you want it to be. All you got to do is to contact a fence manufacturer and communicate your requirements to them. These requirements may include height of the fence, special design if required, and any other extra features.

Added Safety

Residential aluminum fencing, apart from giving your property a distinct look, efficiently serves the basic purpose of fencing i.e. enhanced security and safety. You can either get it installed around your pool or any other part of your property to restrict kids or pets from entering for their safety.

Aluminum fencing is becoming increasingly popular with homeowners due to all these benefits discussed above. However, you can avail these benefits only if you are opting for high-quality aluminum. Thus, before you hire a company for installation of an aluminum fence, make sure they are using premium quality aluminum and using the latest installation methods so that your residential aluminum fence can last for longer and offer you a more complete value for your money.

Learn more about iFence USA and their vast line of custom aluminum fencing options with various grades of aluminum fence to choose from including: Commercial Grade Aluminum Fencing, Residential Grade Aluminum Fencing, Pool Grade Aluminum Fencing, and Industrial Aluminum Fencing at  To contact one of our aluminum fence experts call toll free 800.762.2907 or via email at

Aluminum Driveway Gates | How to buy genuine iNTEGRITY

Ordering a Driveway Gate is fun and not difficult (especially when you activate our one-of-a-kind iDesign Gate Studio™). Nevertheless, you may have questions about terminology. Feel free to call us at anytime for quick answers. For the most commonly asked questions, look for “what’s this?” or “learn more!” and click for more info. Our FAQ and glossary can also be a big help. Enjoy!

Driveway Gates
Aluminum Gates | Buyer’s Guide
1  Choose Your Style

All Integrity™ gates ordered correspond to the 18 styles of fencing we offer. Feel free to peruse our list of styles, but if you really want pick the exact gate you want, right down to the optional details – and actually see it – use our design studio and read below for more information! There is nothing like it anywhere!

Activate iDesign™ Gate Studio >> what’s this?

2  Select Desired Configuration

Gates can be ordered in 4 different configurations. Horizon™ Straight (without an arch) or in the following arched designs: Regal Wave™, Stonecliff Sunrise™ or StoneCliff Sunset™. The depictions at left are only a representation – no matter what style of gate you select, it can be made in one of the 4 configurations shown at left. Note also that gates can be made single-leaf or double-leaf. what’s this?

3  Select Desired Grade of Material

Gates can be ordered in any grade of material we sell. In general, the wider your gate, the heavier the recommended grade. Driveway Gates are most often ordered in the heaviest and strongest grade, the Ultimate™ grade. learn more!

4  Decide on Desired Functional Options

Driveway gates are most often ordered with additional options as part of the “package.” There are several options to choose from. learn more!

5  Consider Accent Options

Driveway gates are most often ordered with additional accent options as part of the “package.” There are several options to choose from. learn more!

6  Specify Posts or No Posts

You may already have posts or perhaps a pillar structure to attach your gate to (this is referred to as a “direct mount”). Most of our customers, however, need to buy posts with their new gate. learn more!

7  Specify Gate Height

The height of a gate is always the height at the hinge point.
learn more!

8  Specify Gate Width

The width of a gate is always the width of the opening, either between the posts you will buy or the distance between your existing posts or between pillar structures when you are direct-mounting. learn more!

9  Pick Your Color

There are 9 gorgeous color options and your choice will not impact the price of the gate.

10  How to get a Quote on your Driveway Gate

  • We have a very easy-to-follow gate quote form that takes about 3 minutes to complete. This form has built-in answers for the most commonly asked questions.
  • When you use our cool iDesign Studio™ you will be able to click “get quote” when you have your gate looking the way you want it. Then, the gate quote form will have all of your selections automatically designated. All there will be left to do is enter your desired size!
  • Call us directly at 800-762-8876 for helpful information and subsequent quote.

Satisfy Your Landscape Design Needs with Residential Aluminum Fencing

You may find a variety of fencing materials available within the market now-a-days, but nothing can replace the quality and benefits of aluminum fencing. If you are searching for a perimeter, boundary wall solution for your commercial or residential property consider durable aluminum fencing. The benefits associated with this material are unlimited.

Here are few reasons why you should choose residential aluminum fencing to enhance your landscape appearance:

  • They are versatile:

The biggest benefit of using aluminum fencing is that they can be used with all kind of landscape designs. Whether it is a sloped land or flat surface; aluminum fencing will easily cover the whole area without leaving any ugly space in between. Also, it is much easier to create custom designs of these fences to meet design aspects of homeowners. You can easily find these fences with a variety of racking, texture, caps, hardware, height, color and style options.

  • They are affordable:

When compared to other popular fencing solutions such as steel and iron etc. aluminum fences appear most budget-friendly deal for residential properties. These fences are cheaper to manufacture, and they demand least efforts for maintenances after installation. So, you can ensure savings for the long run. Other great news is that these fences come with a long warranty, so you can ensure peace of mind with every purchase.

  • They are environment-friendly:

The fact is that not all fencing materials can be inspired by green movement, but the aluminum fencing can be easily created from recycled materials. It means, by installing aluminum fencing, you will take a step forward to save environment without even compromising for quality and strength of the material.

  • They look beautiful:

You will be happy to hear that Residential Aluminum Fences are generally available in a variety of styles and colors; you can easily choose a unique design to pair up with your home décor. These fences can work like an eye-catching addition to your backyard. These fences add elegance to space without even causing any burden on your pocket. These fences are finished with power coating, so they are capable enough to retain their beauty for the long run without even suffering any damage from harsh weather conditions. The color and texture of these fences will stay attractive for years. You can easily select out of wide collection such as Clay, Silver, Chocolate, Sandy Shore, Gloss Beige, Satin Black and Speckled Walnut.

  • They improve safety:

Aluminum fencing is not just known for their beautiful aesthetics, rather at the same time, they also provide complete safety to the premises. These fences work like strong barriers for the kids playing in the backyard and will keep them protected all the time from animals or other accidents. Aluminum fencing stays secure on the ground while maintaining a safe zone on your property. However, it is essential to choose right professionals for installation to avail long-term benefits.

Learn more about iFence USA and their vast line of custom aluminum fencing options with various grades of aluminum fence to choose from including: Commercial Grade Aluminum Fencing, Residential Grade Aluminum Fencing, Pool Grade Aluminum Fencing, and Industrial Aluminum Fencing at  To contact one of our aluminum fence experts call toll free 800.762.2907 or via email at

The iFence Catalog of Products & Services

Welcome to our comprehensive list of available options, services and accessories. Use it to ponder the many possibilities or as a tutorial on the wonderful attributes of Integrity™ Aluminum fences. Either way, remember that our friendly, professional and informed associates are always just a toll-free phone call away, ready to assist you in the selection of your perfect fence! Please note that frequently, our fence styles already feature some of the options listed below. When they do, their price reflects the inclusion. When they don’t, and an option or accessory is added, there is an upcharge unless otherwise stated.

Integrity™ Fence Styles

There are 18 standard styles of Integrity™ fences. Unless otherwise specified, all gates ordered will correspond with the style of fence ordered but gates can be purchased independent of panels. All styles can be ordered in any grade collection. For instance, if you like the Sanibel™ style (shown at left), you can buy the Sanibel™ style in any grade we offer, residential or commercial!

Integrity™ Fence Grades

There are four grades of Integrity™ Aluminum fences organized into Collections. Each grade has different architectural specifications. For instance, the vertical pickets become larger in each successive upgrade.

see colors >>
Integrity™ Colors

Integrity™ offers 9 gorgeous color options. All colors
are available in every style and grade of fences, gates
and hand railing. The choice of any standard color does
not impact price. see colors

Integrity™ Technical Schematics

Architectural drawings of Integrity™ fence products are available for download, making it convenient for architects and contractors to attach fence schematics to their plans. Homeowners too, often need to submit technical drawings of their proposed fence for local government or homeowners association approval. We make it easy!

Why Aluminum Is The Best Metal Pool Fencing Available

When it comes to choosing the right fence, the most important thing is to choose a pool fencing material that meets all relevant needs especially when it comes to safety. However, with all the pool fencing materials out there, choosing an appropriate one can feel like a class in rocket science, but it doesn’t need to be so.

In addition to ensuring the fence you plan to install meets the current regulation in regards to pool fencing;

Things To Keep In Mind Before Install

  • A pool fence must reduce the risks of possible accidents around the home and come fitted with a with a self-locking and self-closing mechanism that will keep children and pets away from the pool area in the absence of an adult supervision
  • The material’s durability when exposed to the different weather conditions, including other elements such as chemicals
  • It should be a material that is sturdy, strong and easy to clean
  • It should provide privacy while at the same time provides an aesthetic appeal

The above and more is what makes aluminum the best metal pool fencing choice available in the market to date. Aluminum metal swimming pool fence panels are available in many eye-catching colors, designs, shapes, and sizes that are not only lightweight but economical compared to other types of pool fencing materials.

Powder Coating Options

Powder coating on aluminum fences has gained popularity due to its protective and attractive purposes, its availability in a vast range of colors and textures, and the technological advancements that are known to not only enhance the value of any aluminum fence, but the powder coating creates a durable, high-quality finish that makes fences resistant to general wear and tear such as chipping, scratching, chemicals, fading, compared to other finishes. Powder coating is also more environmentally friendly because it uses no solvents, which reduces toxins in the air.

Low Maintenance/ Low Cost Repairs

Additionally, the metal swimming pool fence panels used to make the fence are corrosion and rust resistant and require little maintenance. They are also very durable because not only do most aluminum fences come with a gloss finish that helps protect it from air, UV rays, and rust, but because of this, any wear and tear sometimes in the form of oxidation or when algae begins to grow on the aluminum fence and eat the protective finish, can be easily dealt with by cleaning it with bleach and soapy water for the algae or an easy application of car wax that acts as protection and prevent additional oxidation on the fence.

The aluminum metal pool fence has been considered an all-purpose fencing product that can be used for many applications all around the home and its especially the perfect choice for areas in close vicinity to water and a process known as racking means these fences can easily follow the contours of any ground – be it hilly or at a slope. Are you ready for an aluminum metal pool fence?

Learn more about iFence USA and their vast line of custom aluminum fencing options with various grades of aluminum fence to choose from including: Commercial Grade Aluminum Fencing, Residential Grade Aluminum Fencing, Pool Grade Aluminum Fencing, and Industrial Aluminum Fencing at  To contact one of our aluminum fence experts call toll free 800.762.2907 or via email at

Why choose iFenceUSA for your Residential Aluminum Fencing needs you ask?

Choose iFenceUSA because we are the one an only provider of the Classic Collection™ which offersthe number one assortment in residential aluminum fencing for “do-it-yourself” homeowners looking to accentuate their outdoor space.

For More Information Visit Our Website At: