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Pros for aluminum fencing

When it comes to fences around the house, people are more often accustomed to the wooden fence panels. It is not surprising because wooden panels have been used for years and are kind of the tradition, especially with the white picket fence fantasy.

However, the construction industry has progressed over the years. Nowadays, there are better and more innovative alternatives to wood. For example, people are now turning to using aluminum fence panels.

Why Use Aluminum Fence Panels

The aluminum fence panels are recommended for various reasons. We have outlined a list of the benefits of aluminum fencing below:

Cost Effectiveness

Aluminum fence panels are as great as iron ones. However, you can get them at a much better price as well. Therefore, you get great value for an affordable price.

No Rusty Situations

Wood can often become worn due to weather and iron can become prone to rust. In comparison, aluminum is highly resistant to weather conditions. Therefore, it can maintain its quality and good condition for a long time.

Great Aesthetic

Just like iron and wood, you can find pleasing styles in Aluminum fence panels as well. They look quite good when installed properly. You can enjoy some great aesthetic and not block your view beyond the fence panels at the same time.

Low Maintenance

As mentioned earlier, aluminum fence panels are not prone to rust. On the other hand, they don’t need extensive or frequent maintenance either. They can go without a repaint job for a few years.


Aluminum fence panels can resist against extreme weather conditions and general wear and tear caused by the environment. Therefore, they can stand in place without compromised quality and condition for a long a time.


Easy Installation

They can also be installed fairly with ease. Instead of requiring any special tools or training, aluminum fence panels can be fixed into place with a little handyman experience. However, if you are quite unsure, you may want to hire a professional so you don’t have to spend extra later on.

Highly Convenient for Security

As compared to wooden fences or chain link fences that can be easily broken or cut through, aluminum fence panels offer better security. Moreover, their durability keeps each panel intact so there are no weak links in the entire fencing for anyone to make their way through.

Aluminum fence panels will turn out to be a great choice for your house boundary. You can install them both at the front and around your back yard. Since they don’t cost so much, you can replace your existing fencing with these panels as well. Most of the aluminum fence panels are available readily painted. Therefore, you can save the additional costs and focus just on erecting them. They are very light in weight as compared to wood and iron. This makes their handling and maintenance in the long run fairly easy.

You should consider aluminum fence panels for improving the security and aesthetic of your house boundary.

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How To Choose An Aluminum Fence

Purchasing a fence for your home may become inevitable for one reason or another.  Maybe you have purchased a puppy and you want to keep him from leaving the yard.  Perhaps your family has decided to install an in-ground swimming pool and an aluminum pool fence is needed to ensure safety around the pool area.  It is feasible to want to install a fence for the sole purpose to provide privacy for your home, yard and family.  Whatever your reason for wanting a fence the expense is something quite considerable.  It is important that you have a guide to help you through the process of choosing a material and height for your fence.

First things first, when the time comes to purchase a fence it is important to look into the rules and regulations surrounding the materials and installation requirements of fencing in your local area.  This may mean checking with your homeowners association as well as local and state laws.  You need to find out if there are regulations with the materials you can use for your fence as well as height requirements. Some municipalities require that the fence is a certain distance from the street while others have specific requirements about exactly where a fence can and cannot be installed.

After you have done considerable research into local regulations it is time to examine what your reasoning is for installing a new fence.  This can help you determine what type of material and style you will want to choose for your home.

Are you looking into installing a fence to provide safety for your home, yard and family?  If this is the case you will want to consider a tall fence.  Fence panels come in heights over six feet to prevent intruders from easily climbing the fence.  You also can add in finials to the top of the fence along with a smooth sided aluminum fence to ensure that intruders can’t easily access the area.

For privacy you will want to purchase a fence that doesn’t have spaces in between the pickets throughout the panels.  The fence should be high enough to prevent people from being able to look over the fence as well.  Privacy can also be achieved using tall solid fence panels and landscaping materials.

If the fence is going to be used to contain your children or pets the fence can be installed using a variety of materials available.  The main thing to consider is a fence that is high enough that a pet or child could not climb over the fence as well as a material that cannot easily be dug under.  This is also true when trying to keep someone out of an area such as a pool.  If you are looking to keep children and pets from entering the pool area the concept is the same as well.  An aluminum pool fence should be installed that is high enough to keep people from climbing over it or animals from digging under it.

If you are looking for a fence that is for decoration only choose a pattern and design that compliments your home and landscape.  Fencing for decorative purposes also serves the purpose of creating a boundary.  You don’t need a fence of significant height when you are looking for a fence that provides a boundary for your yard or for decoration purposes only.  Choose a fence based on keeping the look and feel in balance with your home and landscaping.

For a complete guide through the process of purchasing a fence be sure to check out all the latest blog posts on fencing.  We hope this post sheds a bit of light to help you choose a material and height for your fence based on the purpose that the fence will provide.

iFence USA offers the widest variety of maintenance-free, no-rust aluminum fences and gates in the industry! Whether you are a pool contractor, a building contractor, an architect, a landscaping professional, or a “do-it-yourself” homeowner looking for exceptional value and installation advice, you’ll benefit by buying wholesale aluminum fences shipped factory-direct to your home or business anywhere in America from!

DIY aluminum fencing: Service and value wins again

Last year my wife and I decided to have an in ground swimming pool installed but were concerned about the cost.  After about a month of research we finally narrowed our pool companies down to two.  Then the “what can you do for me that the other company can’t” began.  We wanted to do as much work as possible for cost savings.  We requested bids for both complete installation (including deck, fence, and landscaping) and just pool.  We decided on just the pool and do the deck, landscape, and fence ourselves.

The decking and landscape was an easy choice for materials.  The fence was a different story.  Every local building supply and hundreds of on-line companies sell aluminum fencing.  After receiving several estimates from four different suppliers, iFence had by far the best deal.  I was not only impressed with the price but the quality of the material was better as well.  Thicker walls on the posts and rails come standard with iFence, you have to pay for the same thickness with other companies.  And some companies don’t offer a .080 thick wall on post.  The web-site ( is amazing, very informative and easy to navigate.  It has everything you need to make your selection and decide your needs.  The design studio feature is very nice, you can see how each style will look in a home setting…choices, choices, choices.

Another important fact about iFence is that the customer service is second to none!!!  My sales representative (John) talked me through every step of the order.  He asked questions to get me started in the right direction, helped me decide on the correct style, color, and configuration.  John at iFence even gave me some installation advice to make my life easier during installation.  Payment and shipping was seamless.  And once my fence arrived, all I had to do was unpack it and install.  Every part was there in perfect condition, how rare is that?  After installation our pool area was the talk of the neighborhood.  Everyone kept asking about our fence and how great it looked.

I know it’s only a year old but it still looks great.  With literally 8-10 children (including my two) and several parents in and out our pool area daily, we have had zero issues with our iFence.  We are so impressed with the product and service of iFence, I just ordered another fence to enclose an area at our walkout basement to contain our dogs.  And again the customer service (John) was great!

My point in all of this is there may be a better company, there may be a better price and fence but I have not found it.  By purchasing the fence through and installing it ourselves we saved over $1500.   ifence sells a great product, the service is impeccable.  I would recommend to anyone wanting to install a fence, save yourself some time and headache by calling iFence FIRST!!

Very Satisfied Customer,

Rickey Webb

Elizabethtown, KY