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Do-It-Yourself Aluminum Pool Fencing Installation Guide

If you’ve built a pool in your backyard or an older fence is falling apart, it may be time to buy a new fence and you are right to consider an aluminum fence and gate. Many cities require that a fence be installed around a private residence’s backyard pool to conform to safety regulations. You can save money by purchasing wholesale aluminum fence panels and aluminum gates and then install them yourself.

This do-it-yourself aluminum pool fencing installation guide will help to ease the process of installing the fencing.

If your property adjoins another property, discuss the new fence installation with your neighbor. If it simply replaces one that was there, it will be a simple process. If not, there may need to be property lot plans obtained from the city, or a survey may need to be done to avoid any property line disputes. Also, working with your neighbor may mean that they are happy to split the cost 50/50. Also check to see if you need to apply for a building permit or conform to other building requirements.

You should also know that aluminum fencing is good for level led land, gentle dips and extreme slopes. There is no need to choose a different fencing type if there are extreme slopes in your landscape. Since you are installing your fence around a pool we will assume that the landscape is without extreme slopes and level.

First, unpack your fencing parts and read the installation instructions. Depending on the type of aluminum fencing panels that you have purchased affects installation. Inside your fencing package will be end post panels that are used for the starting and ending points of your fence. There will be corner posts that have holes on each side where fencing panels can be installed. There are also line posts that are used for straight runs of fencing panels.

You will then need to work out where exactly your fence will be placed. You may wish to place small stakes or markers around your pool. Don’t forget to do corners and include adequate space for aluminum gates. You’ll want to string around your stakes and consider the measurements provided by the manufacturer.

Your next step is to dig into the ground, so you can place your fence posts. You may use a post hole digger or a power auger. There will be information as to the depth and diameter of fence holes that you need in the instruction manual. After the hole is dug, pore in six inches of gravel. This will help to drain water away from the bottom of the posts.

You then set your posts into the hole. The next step involves fastening the fence panels between each one, then installing the gate.  Soon your wholesale aluminum fence panels will safely surround your pool. The aluminum gates will provide an additional layer of protection for keeping small animals, pets, and children safely away from the pool when not in use.


iFenceUSA is an online manufacturer and distributor of wholesale aluminum fencing. With over 18 styles of aluminum fence panels and gates to choose from, we have aluminum fences that will meet your wants and need.  Choose from custom aluminum fencing options including: Commercial Grade Aluminum Fencing, Residential Grade Aluminum Fencing, Pool Grade Aluminum Fencing, and Industrial Aluminum Fencing all at  For more information contact one of our aluminum swimming pool fence experts toll free 800.762.2907 or via email at

Creative Ways to Incorporate Aluminum Fencing Into Your Landscape

Fencing serves four main purposes around your home: dividing up your property from other homeowners, protecting your space from trespassers, giving people privacy from the public, and providing an aesthetic element to your landscaping. Aluminum fencing is one of the easiest ways to serve all four of these purposes at once, as well as provide lasting durability and ease of installation.

Why Choose Aluminum Fences

Since residential aluminum fencing is made primarily from aluminum, it can also resist corrosion and weathering. Often many people will choose residential aluminum fences as they’re available in a wide range of styles. It’s often a lot more affordable than other traditional fencing choices such as steel or wrought iron.

Residential aluminum fences are available in a wide range of colors, shapes, and styles. When you’re choosing fencing you may wish to consider creative ways to incorporate aluminum fencing into your landscape.

Residential Fencing Examples


  1. Aluminum fencing to surround a pool. Most backyard pools must be enclosed by a fence due to city bylaws, but it can be expensive to use traditional materials. Residential aluminum fencing is the perfect solution. They come in a variety of styles and colors with automatic latching gates to protect your pool and family.


  1. Aluminum fencing to divide properties. A long row of aluminum fencing with decorative points on the top is perfect for separating your property line from the neighbors’ homes on both sides.


  1. Residential aluminum fence with a gate to the backyard. You can keep intruders out, but still have access to your backyard through a fence that has a gate in matching color.


  1. Install a garden in front of the fencing. This is suitable for areas around the house that don’t require path access. A variety of bushes or flowers can be selected. It’s best to choose shorter plant types that remain below the line of the top of the fence.


  1. Residential aluminum fences that follow a path. A small path of stones or concrete can follow the fence around the house. This path can lead to a gate at the front, back, or sides of the property. It gives people a chance to keep their feet clean as they traverse around the property, and an aesthetic touch that makes the garden look attractive.


  1. To frame a garden. Residential aluminum fencing can be used to create a square or rectangular space in the garden where you can safely plant your fruit or vegetable garden. The fence serves the purpose of keeping wildlife and intruders out so that your garden remains untouched until you’re ready to cultivate it.

Versatility and Affordable

Residential aluminum fencing is one of the best choices for your residence. It can be used for a variety of different purposes, and is more affordable than solid wood or steel. And aluminum is a much better option for when you’re on a tight budget, but really wish to have that fence around the perimeter of your home. Installation is quick and easy. With the addition of a brand new residential aluminum fence your house will quickly become a home.

Learn more about iFence USA and their vast line of custom aluminum fencing options with various grades of aluminum fence to choose from including: Commercial Grade Aluminum Fencing, Residential Grade Aluminum Fencing, Pool Grade Aluminum Fencing, and Industrial Aluminum Fencing at  To contact one of our aluminum fence experts call toll free 800.762.2907 or via email at


Why Black Aluminum Fencing Is Popular Amongst Homeowners

Putting up a fence on any property, commercial or residential, comes with many benefits. For example, a good quality and beautifully crafted fence in the front yard adds character to the landscape and enhances curb appeal. For practical reasons such as safety, deterring trespassers from entering a property, keeping the children or pets from wondering off or for any other purpose, the right type of fence should speak volumes about the owner of the property as does the color of the fence.

Black Is So Versatile

In terms of quality, durability, longevity, and design, black aluminum metal fencing checks off all the boxes. A beautifully installed and crafted black metal fence, double swing gate, farm gate, driveway gate, estate gate or security gate is one of the highest selling black metal fencing style so far not only because they are built for strength and to hold up against all the elements of summer and winter, but black is a color that blends in well with the surrounding environment.

There are also a wide variety of black metal fence panels that are not only powder coated easy maintenance and durability, but they also come in a wide range of ratings, styles, colors, and elevations that will match a structure’s design and landscape and provide safety, security, boundary demarcation.

Long Lasting Quality

In addition to adding much needed curb appeal to any property, the most appealing attraction about black metal fencing is that unlike other iron fences, black aluminum fences hardly ever get rusty and take years to age – an aspect that will give you unlimited peace of mind and security.

A maintenance-free alternative to wrought iron or other fencing options, black aluminum fences are also designed with easy installation in mind, which makes aluminum fences the ideal choice that can be used for a wide selection of residential purposes. For example, residential aluminum fence combines the lightweight materials of the residential grade fencing, but with the sturdy appearance of a heavier fence in order to render a fence strong enough for most uses and will beautify and add class to any property.

Great Sense Of Security

Commercial grade black metal fencing that is often used in high traffic areas or spaces requiring additional security such as schools, industrial complexes, factories, public recreation facilities, or hospitals are heavier and also durable fencing product just as the residential fences because they utilize the heaviest gauge extrusions for high visibility and substantial protection. Therefore, when you are looking for an added attractive security, this is a great choice for you and the best alternative on the market today to enhance your property without breaking the bank.

Normally, other types of fences will disappear in the background, and they often are problematic to fit on a different landscape layout. This is not the case with black metal fences that not only make a beautiful backdrop, but they can be easily used on a hillside or slope.

Learn more about iFence USA and their vast line of custom aluminum fencing options with various grades of aluminum fence to choose from including: Commercial Grade Aluminum Fencing, Residential Grade Aluminum Fencing, Pool Grade Aluminum Fencing, and Industrial Aluminum Fencing at  To contact one of our aluminum fence experts call toll free 800.762.2907 or via email at


Aluminum Driveway Gates | How to buy genuine iNTEGRITY

Ordering a Driveway Gate is fun and not difficult (especially when you activate our one-of-a-kind iDesign Gate Studio™). Nevertheless, you may have questions about terminology. Feel free to call us at anytime for quick answers. For the most commonly asked questions, look for “what’s this?” or “learn more!” and click for more info. Our FAQ and glossary can also be a big help. Enjoy!

1  Choose Your Style

All Integrity™ gates ordered correspond to the 18 styles of fencing we offer. Feel free to peruse our list of styles, but if you really want pick the exact gate you want, right down to the optional details – and actually see it – use our design studio and read below for more information! There is nothing like it anywhere!
2  Select Desired Configuration

Gates can be ordered in 4 different configurations. Horizon™ Straight (without an arch) or in the following arched designs: Regal Wave™, Stonecliff Sunrise™ or StoneCliff Sunset™. The depictions at left are only a representation – no matter what style of gate you select, it can be made in one of the 4 configurations shown at left. Note also that gates can be made single-leaf or double-leaf.
3  Select Desired Grade of Material

Gates can be ordered in any grade of material we sell. In general, the wider your gate, the heavier the recommended grade. Driveway Gates are most often ordered in the heaviest and strongest grade, the Ultimate™ grade.
4  Decide on Desired Functional Options

Driveway gates are most often ordered with additional options as part of the “package.” There are several options to choose from.
5  Consider Accent Options

Driveway gates are most often ordered with additional accent options as part of the “package.” There are several options to choose from
6  Specify Posts or No Posts

You may already have posts or perhaps a pillar structure to attach your gate to (this is referred to as a “direct mount”). Most of our customers, however, need to buy posts with their new gate.
7  Specify Gate Height

The height of a gate is always the height at the hinge point.
8  Specify Gate Width

The width of a gate is always the width of the opening, either between the posts you will buy or the distance between your existing posts or between pillar structures when you are direct-mounting.
9  Pick Your Color

There are 9 gorgeous color options and your choice will not impact the price of the gate.
10  How to get a Quote on your Driveway Gate

  • We have a very easy-to-follow gate quote form that takes about 3 minutes to complete. This form has built-in answers for the most commonly asked questions.
  • When you use our cool iDesign Studio™ you will be able to click “get quote” when you have your gate looking the way you want it. Then, the gate quote form will have all of your selections automatically designated. All there will be left to do is enter your desired size!
  • Call us directly at 800-762-8876 for helpful information and subsequent quote.

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Best Installation Practices for Aluminum Gates and Fences

Aluminum fencing offers a wide range of fencing styles and colors to meet your needs and specifications. However, before the process of aluminum fence and gate installation begins, there are a few tips to keep in mind to ensure a productive project.

Keep the Gate Posts in mind

Installation of aluminum fence gates are not like wood fences/gate installation. For this reason, it is important to start with the gate posts in mind as you cannot make alterations once the installation has kicked off.

Survey staking

Before you begin installation of an aluminum gate or fence, the area where the fence would be located should be staked properly. Once this is done, have markers in the front and back of your house, representing the corners of the plot. Using a long tape is ideal so you can measure and pull it between two of the markers. Once the line you have made is tight, move it on your apartment to approximately 2” to ensure proper installation.

Make sure of the Aluminum Gate/Fence Rating

Most people are unaware there aluminum gates usually have three ratings – residential or commercial. Picking the appropriate rating will ensure you use a gate that properly covers your needs. If you do not know about aluminum gate ratings, you could seek for professional advice.

Patience is key especially with Concrete

It is not wrong to anchor your aluminum gate on concrete, so long as the anchoring of the fence posts is done properly. If this is not done, you may experience wear and tear and eventual sagging of the gate. You could instead use a floor flange for each fence post – bolt it down into the concrete before inserting the posts. Patience is required for this process as the concrete has to dry completely before any more installation processes are continued. The waiting process may take as long as three days, but it will be worth it eventually.

Aluminum fence and gate installation is a project worth the effort. While care should be taken during installation, it is important to have your local zoning laws at the back of your mind. This will help you install fencing and gates that meet local requirements.

Learn more about iFence USA and their vast line of custom aluminum fencing options with various grades of aluminum fence to choose from including: Commercial Grade Aluminum Fencing, Residential Grade Aluminum Fencing, Pool Grade Aluminum Fencing, and Industrial Aluminum Fencing at  To contact one of our aluminum fence experts call toll free 800.762.2907 or via email at


Mistakes to Avoid when Installing an Aluminum Fence & Gate to your Backyard

There’s a style of fencing to suit everyone. Some prefer the classic look of wood, while others enjoy the rustic air of wrought iron. Both are good choices, but for durable, reliable, and relatively maintenance free fencing you can’t go wrong with an aluminum fence.

There’s more to installing an aluminum fence and aluminum gates than just digging a few holes and cementing them in.  Here are some of the most common mistakes people make when installing new aluminum fences in their backyard.

The number one mistake most DIY fence installers make is in finding out where their property ends and the neighbors begin. Before you dig your first fence post hole, you should have your plat (a map showing the divisions of a piece of land) firmly in hand.

The plat will indicate the borders and prevent any future disputes that may result in you being forced to tear out your shiny new aluminum fence to start again. Of course, it may also go the other way, and you could be giving your neighbor more land than they rightfully own.

Many DIY homeowners who decide to install an aluminum fence neglect to check their local zoning laws. More often than not there are height limitations as to how high or low you can build.

There may also be boundary line issues as some locations restrict building fences directly along the boundary and others that require an offset. Pool fences with aluminum gates may also have various safety regulations applied to them so follow them to be sure your installation stays compliant (and keeps your family safe).

Aluminum is reasonably lightweight but the posts still need to stand against all that mother nature has to throw at them such as high-speed winds, rain, snow, and all while keeping the fence panels firm and secure. To ensure stability and a long working life ensure you set your posts in holes that are deep enough to prevent your installation from collapsing.

Aluminum gates can be particularly problematic for the inexperienced builder. Make sure you measure multiple times, account for hardware deductions, and always use sturdy hinges to hang the gate.

Keep these tips in mind when installing a fence yourself, and you will be well on the way to creating a long-lasting and attractive border to your property.

Learn more about iFence USA and their vast line of custom aluminum fencing options with various grades of aluminum fence to choose from including: Commercial Grade Aluminum Fencing, Residential Grade Aluminum Fencing, Pool Grade Aluminum Fencing, and Industrial Aluminum Fencing at  To contact one of our aluminum fence experts call toll free 800.762.2907 or via email at

Advantages of Black Aluminum Fencing

Black aluminum fence is the most popular general purpose fencing and it can be used for security fences, pet fences, residential fencing and commercial or industrial applications. It was created to have the look of wrought iron fence without the maintenance and painting requirements.

Black aluminum fencing comes in seven different heights ranging from 3 feet to 6 feet. And also it comes in 19 different styles. Black aluminum fencing combines the strength and beauty of wrought iron fences with the rust-free properties of aluminum. They can withstand years of moisture, wind, salt and chlorine without rusting or needing repainting. They are constructed from an exclusive high-strength aluminum alloy called HS-35.

Fence, gates and railing are available in a variety of materials such as steel, PVC and wood. The recent trends show an increased use of aluminum on residential and commercial products due to proven advantages.

So what are the benefits of black aluminum fencing:

  1. Strength:

The foremost advantage is strength. It goes without saying that black aluminum fencing is very strong as it combines the power and strength of wrought iron so it truly is strong to stand any thief, and winds. Ideally 6063 T5 alloy is used to provide black aluminum fencing its strength and the ideal sections of fence are made and engineered to with stand 150 MPH winds and they are also made to stand against 1,000 lbs. of weight per section. So they can be used anywhere from large buildings to small and cute homes and they will always add to the strength of that place. Isn’t that great?

  1. Can bear a lot of Weight:

When it comes to weight aluminum is very light to carry and handle. Aluminum is only 1/3 the weight of steel and as it is light weight it saves you a lot of money too as it involves less labor and obviously the simple process of installing. What’s surprising about black aluminum fencing is that although it is very light in weight and easier to work with but it stands still and is very strong it is like unbreakable. So if you are using it for security purposes it will serve its purpose best.

  1. High Performance:

When it comes to adding beauty to any place what everyone prefers is steel because generally steel is thought to be the pretty metal but not anymore. Black aluminum fencing adds the same beauty, charm, elegance and sophistication to homes, offices or any commercial areas as steel. But steel fencing is not as strong as black aluminum fencing which gets all its strength from wrought iron.

Another advantage of using black aluminum fencing is that although it has iron strength but is totally rust free. Steel or iron on the other hand attract corrosion at a very faster rate. They are guaranteed to rust and also has a very high maintenance cost. Whereas aluminum is very easy to handle and maintain and the ideal coating process of black aluminum fencing is perfectly suited for any environment.

iFenceUSA offers the widest variety of maintenance-free, no-rust aluminum fences and gates in the industry! Whether you are a pool contractor, a building contractor, an architect, a landscaping professional, or a “do-it-yourself” homeowner looking for exceptional value and installation advice, you’ll benefit by buying wholesale aluminum fences shipped factory-direct to your home or business anywhere in America from!

Ornamental Options In Aluminum Fencing

There are a variety of decorative styles of aluminum fencing.  On top of choosing the ornamental options you desire homeowners also get to choose the color of the fence, the size and height of the aluminum fence panels along with special features such as puppy pickets.  Aluminum fencing is like a buffet of fencing options.  Below you will find a guide on styles and options to look for when choosing wholesale aluminum fencing for your home or business.

Flat Top, Spear Top or Both

There are several options within flat top styles of aluminum fencing.  A traditional flat top rail fence is an incredibly classic option in aluminum fence.  The top of the fence is flat however the actual spaces between the pickets and horizontal rails within the fence are spread out to offer a unique look and feel between the styles.

The San Marino Classic is what homeowners would consider classic aluminum fencing.  It is a stunning aluminum fence option with a contemporary three-rail design.  This style of aluminum fencing is a top selling style and is seen as the perfect accent to landscapes and outdoor living spaces.

Spear top fencing options seem almost endless.  When looking at spear top options homeowners can choose from pressed point spear top options, historic Fleur de Lis finials and Excelsior finial peaks.  Aluminum fencing featuring spear tops is considered decorative aluminum fencing.  Not only can you choose the style of spear there are options to consider within the pickets themselves.  The spacing between the horizontal pickets and ornamental add-ons make spear top fencing look like a piece of art within your landscape.

Older more historic homes often choose the Charlemagne spear top fence.  This style offers old world charm and tradition to landscapes.  Accented with historic Fleur de Lis Finials, the Charlemagne is the ideal option for decorative aluminum fencing.

If you are look for an option that includes both the flat top and spear points look no further the New Orleans Classic.  This style of aluminum fence, as well as many others, can be customized with additional touches such as ornamental finials.  The look combines traditional with contemporary favorites.  The comfort of the flat top with the elegance of a spear top design is used to transform your landscape into a visual masterpiece.

Choosing a style of aluminum fence is not a simple task.  With endless options it can actually be a bit overwhelming.  Let the online fencing experts assist you throughout the entire process.  Working directly with online customer service specialists will ease the task.  Don’t be surprised when asked to send pictures of your home, landscape and fence layout in order to ensure a complete customer service experience when choosing awholesale aluminum fence for your home or business.

iFenceUSA offers a variety of maintenance-free, no-rust aluminum fences and gates in the industry! Whether you are a pool contractor, a building contractor, an architect, a landscaping professional, or a “do-it-yourself” homeowner looking for value and installation advice, you’ll benefit by buying aluminum fences shipped factory-direct from!

Exploring The Process of Purchasing Wholesale Aluminum Fencing

Buying wholesale aluminum fencing can leave your head spinning.  There not only are a variety of online suppliers to choose from as well as thousands of different ornamental styles, colors, grades and additional options to enhance your aluminum fence.  Many consumers get overwhelmed when looking at all of the choices they have.  This is where it becomes so important to choose the right online wholesale aluminum fence supplier.  At our professionals are in fact fencing experts; they are not just ordinary order takers.  Our experts will guide you through the process of selecting the right fencing for your custom project.

The first step experienced fencing experts will want to acknowledge is the special circumstances within the space your new fence is to be installed.  Is the terrain especially sloped?  Are there multiple hills to contend with?  Are you looking to install a fence for pool safety?  Is the fence being put in to keep children and pets within the yard?  The first thing to address with a wholesale aluminum fence supplier is the special reason you have for installing a fence and the special circumstance surrounding the landscape terrain.

After this has been accomplished you will want to choose the grade of fencing that you will install.  Most wholesalers offer a variety of grades including residential, pool, commercial and industrial.  Depending on what application the fence is going to be used for will help with this decision.  For normal backyard, perimeter fencing residential grade aluminum will do.  If you are looking for a pool enclosure you will need a fence that meets B.O.C.A. pool safety standards.  Commercial grade fence is great for light commercial use and for upgraded residential use whereas industrial grade fencing is the strongest aluminum that can be purchased.

Once the grade of fencing has been chosen the specifics of your layout will be discussed.  The online design team will walk you through measuring your yard.  From here a design of the landscape should be drawn with the measurements provided and faxed over to the wholesale aluminum fence supplier.  A base quote will be established and from there you can choose a fence style, a color for the fence and the other optional features there are to choose from.  The additional changes will increase the expense of the base quote.

After a fence has been agreed upon the order will be placed and your fence order will be processed.  The aluminum fence that has been ordered, as well as the accessories, will be shipped to your location and from there the installation process can begin.  The relationship that has been established between you and the online wholesale aluminum fence supplier should stop here.  Reputable online companies will offer advice throughout the installation process from prepping the work site and throughout the installation of the fence and gate.

iFenceUSA offers the widest variety of maintenance-free, no-rust aluminum fences and gates in the industry! Whether you are a pool contractor, a building contractor, an architect, a landscaping professional, or a “do-it-yourself” homeowner looking for exceptional value and installation advice, you’ll benefit by buying wholesale aluminum fences shipped factory-direct to your home or business anywhere in America from!

Magna-Latch® ideal for pool-safe gates

What do you do when the gate meets code at 48” tall but the latch mechanism must be 54” above grade?  The solution is here!  This state-of-the-art latch is the “hands free” way of closing your gate and greatly reduces the risk of leaving a gate open for kids or pets to slip out. One of the world’s safest gate latches, ideal for swimming pool gates and other child safety enclosures, Magna-Latch’s® magnetically triggered action means there’s no mechanical resistance to closure. Problems with gate latches jamming or sticking, associated with traditional mechanical latches, are eliminated. It can be installed quickly and easily to gates of all materials, adjusts horizontally and vertically, during and after installation. Series 2 is 20% stronger than previous models and has been tested to 400,000 cycles. It will last the test of time. Visit is at to learn more.