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Aluminum Fences | How iNTEGRITY Saves You Money

While Integrity's™ factory-direct prices are hard to beat, there's a lot more to saving money than price. There are very specific reasons why, in every respect, Integrity Aluminum Products™ offers its customers the best value in the industry. On this page we explain what sets us apart. What follows can be used as a tutorial on the best way to save. You will see that if you're not careful, ''saving money'' can be an expensive proposition.
One Size Fits None

Many fence companies use inferior grade, mass-produced fencing in fixed sizes. If your project site has some challenging conditions, you ''the customer'' have to compromise. Integrity Aluminum Products™ offers you the option to customize your order to fit your project. If you have a grade slope, no problem. If you need a certain width, fine. Do you have an unusual gate opening? Done. In reality, this flexibility costs less, not more. Made-to-order customization makes the job easier, and makes for a happier customer. Does that make sense? At Integrity™, that makes the only sense. With Integrity Aluminum Products™, every order is built to specification. We do not warehouse and wait to ship. We build it for the customer just the way it's ordered! And the added bonus is that Integrity™ made-to-order fences are shipped just as quick as our competitors' warehoused products! No Kidding!

Selling You More
Helping You Succeed

Buying extra or wrong material for a project only to later scrap it is pure waste and costs more. Plus you have to fabricate on site. That costs more time and headaches. This ''extra'' cost and work doesn't even guarantee a superior outcome. We want to help you avoid costly incorrect buying so your first effort will be your best effort. Integrity Aluminum Products™ gladly shares our knowledge and experience so that you can make the final decision on your order as an informed customer! Less cost, less work = Satisfied Customer.

Structurally Compromised Panels
Sound Architecture

If a company tries to sell you on the "virtues" of wider panels, they'll tell you that "you'll dig fewer holes." This sounds good until you compare the structural integrity of their fence vs. an Integrity™ fence. You will discover that we use superior materials. What started out as fewer holes will end up as a sagging fence. With very few exceptions, you get what you pay for. Do we offer wide panels? Of course we do. But with sound architecture, better materials and strict guidelines. Our philosophy is not a guarded secret and can be summed up this way, "The best product combined with the best service at competitive factory-direct prices."

Flimsy Posts
Durable Posts

Here again, it is common to find out that "price buster" posts are structurally compromised by thin walls of .060'' thick or even thinner! Our default post wall thickness is a durable .080'', and even thicker .125'' wall thickness for gate posts. Unfortunately for you, the consumer, many suppliers peddle the thinner wall thicknesses even for gate posts! The results are disappointing. An uninformed consumer would not be aware of this practice and think he's saving money. Instead he's buying an eyesore and investing in years of future frustration!

Outdated Factories
Cutting Edge Technology

To this day, many manufacturers have not converted their finishing processes to 21st century state-of-the art powder coating. They know that powder coating is the best finish available. They also know it costs more. All genuine Integrity™ fences are powder coated with advanced Polyester TGIC technology. Environmentally friendly powder coating produces a high quality, long lasting finish with twice the thickness and hardness of typical acrylic or baked enamel finishes. Powder coating is more fade resistant, scratch resistant, in short, more durable. If you are installing something outside to accent your home, shouldn't it be made to stand up to the elements? At Integrity, we started with the understanding that better actually costs less and that if you're not moving forward, you're moving backward. We are constantly striving to offer cutting edge innovations so that our customers benefit from the best products.

Precision-built ''In-house''

Some aluminum fence suppliers are not tooled to weld gates. They either farm out the work or they do the unthinkable and skip the process altogether. If you don't weld in-house, quality control is difficult to maintain. If you don't weld at all, well then quality isn't even a consideration. Integrity™ aluminum gates are precision-built by ''in-house'' experienced craftsman and welders. They are built to last. Whether you order an attractive arched single gate for your pool area, or a cantilever slide gate for the 30' opening of your mini-storage business, Integrity™ offers the finest American-made gates in the industry.

Processing Orders
Better Processes

Outsourcing may include more than just welding. Would you believe that some companies use pre-painted components to construct their gates, then they weld? This process is not a proper manufacturing sequence. After they spot weld, their gates are touched up with spray paint. Is this the type of product that you want adorning your home? Processing orders and boxing up imports cannot compare to better manufacturing processes! At Integrity Aluminum Products™, gates are constructed of the finest raw aluminum extrusions first, then welded, and then powder coated, all under one roof! Integrity™ finishing will not crack, chip or peel! This is why not only our gates, but all Integrity™ fences come with a manufacturer's limited lifetime warranty.

Skimpy Gate Frames
Simply Better-made Gates

The only moving part of your fence is no place to skimp! While the gate uprights of some knock-offs are actually extrusions barely larger than vertical pickets, genuine Integrity™ aluminum gates are engineered with common sense. That's why the welded uprights our gate frames are constructed of larger post extrusions, not only for durability but also aesthetics. The added bonus is that there's actually enough surface area to attach hinges and latches. And remember, our beefy gate posts are made with thick .125'' wall extrusions. At Integrity™, we believe gates, not customers, should be made to take a beating!

Me Too!
This is Who We Are!

Aluminum fencing is beautiful, versatile, cost effective, maintenance-free, and durable. The industry has seen incredible growth. This immense popularity has also led to a proliferation of fence suppliers and would-be manufacturers. There are even people working out of their garages. Competition breeds excellence and Integrity will fight to maintain that excellence in all aspects of our business paradigm. Integrity™ is a brand you can trust. We are an industry leader and our product is our passion! We do only one thing: Aluminum. And we've assembled the best team to do it! Integrity is simply the best value in the industry.

"Thanks, your product is first class and you are welcome to use me as a reference for quality and good customer service."

Alan King
Dunlap, TN