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Our knowledgeable team is ready to answer all of your aluminum fencing questions. We'll help you select the perfect style, order the right materials, prepare you for your installation, and help you avoid costly errors. Our mastery of the trade will save you money! Call, fax or email us today for a free quote tailored to meet the needs of your project! Let's get started!™
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Here are some common questions we receive:
  • Are your products covered by warranty?
    Answer: Yes. Our fences are built to last and come with a limited lifetime warranty.

  • Can I install aluminum fence myself?
    Answer: Yes. If you can use a level, string, tape measure and a post hole digger.

  • Will you be there if I have questions?
    Answer: Yes. We supply easy-to-follow instructions and offer free phone support!

  • Do the fence panels arrive factory-assembled?
    Answer: Yes. They're ready to install right out of the box!

  • Are your fences safe for pool enclosures?
    Answer: Yes. Every style we carry is available as a pool safe fence!
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"Thanks for your messages and support - the installation went beautifully.... I could not be more impressed with the quality of the products, but most especially with the level of service and attention to detail that you gave to me on this very modest order. I really did not think this level of customer service existed anywhere - it was a wonderful surprise to find it in dealing with your company.

Again, many thanks for the extraordinary service. I really appreciate your care with this order."

Dianne Hunt
Takoma Park, MD