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The iFence Encore! Hand Railing Collection

The popularity of Integrity fence products prompted us to develop a hand railing collection as a complement to our fence collections. We call it Encore!™ The top and bottom horizontal rails are totally enclosed to provide incredible strength, meeting or exceeding most standardized building safety codes*. The concealed fastener system (CFS) rails also hide all fasteners for a beautifully sleek look for your deck, balcony, patio or porch. Innovative, stylish and durable, Encore!™ is available in heights of 36'' and 42'', with four attractive grab rail options!
Hand Railing    SCHEMATICS

*Before ordering Encore!™ hand railing, we urge you to check with your local governing authority regarding hand railing legal codes. These codes often vary from one community to another. If a permit is required, we recommend you obtain the permit before ordering your Encore!™ hand railing. We will provide the specifications you need to determine compliance. Although iFenceUSA would love to be current on local codes for your convenience, there are simply too many. Therefore, we will not be accountable for orders that are subsequently deemed noncompliant.